Just Gossip Vol. 1 – Milestones This Year and Blogging Round Up of 2012!

Since we have almost reached the end of 2012, I thought it would be a good time to do an entire round up this year on the blogging part of my life. Did you know I am about to complete 1000 posts!! Its like 20 short of it last time I checked. Whoa!!

Now, this year, I have been very much consistent, my most slacking month being December itself. I have written around 396 posts and would cross 400 by the end of the year…wooohoo!! Now, that was a milestone. 
And, I have maintained the monthly hair journal which I shall keep on continuing till the blog exists or further notification, which ever is earlier ;D In fact, I might be coming up with more of such series as well. Let’s see. 
Now, one thing I noticed that in December, I felt quite burnt out. So, to keep the pressure of blogging down, I have decided that I shall blog only on the weekdays and the blog is gonna enjoy weekend off too :) 
I might post anything on weekends but officially, I wouldn’t post on Sat and Sun. That would definitely save me a lot of work and I can enjoy some off’s as well :) But, my resolution to blog regularly stays on. 
What other resolutions for the new year?? Well, I haven’t yet thought about them. I don’t really like making resolutions but yup, there would be some good news(es) coming hopefully by the start of the year. I am looking forward to a very huge buy this year end or next year start so all the best to me :)
And, thank you to all my lovely readers for all the support and love. Ok, you might also be wondering that I had said four loyal readers would get lucky this month. Well, I have postponed that idea. The reason being this month was cramped up with too many giveaways and I would like things to be a bit spread out so keep expecting good things :)

So, that was the gossip this time :)


  1. Coral Crue says

    haha that was a lovely read as always. wow, you are definitely one of those bloggers who post round the clock. kudos to your efforts :)

  2. Pranali says

    congrats on all the milestones.2012 wasn’t a good year for me. so am gonna make 2013 productive and concentrate on maintaining a good health.

  3. Raaga says

    Whoa! I always promise myself but it feels impossible to me to blog regularly ๐Ÿ˜› And This year was not so good hope d cumin yr proves kind to me ๐Ÿ˜›
    Congos on the milestone Swati :)

  4. Roshni says

    Congrats Swati!!!! a 1000 posts .. wow!!! .. you must feel so proud. I like your resolution of having the weekend off .. you deserve the time to yourself. :) So how do you plan to celebrate your 1000 posts??? And thanks for the naturalmantra discount ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Roshni says

    Congrats Swati!!! .. a 1000 posts .. wow!!! I like your resolution to take the weekends off .. you deserve some time to yourself :) So how do you plan to celebrate your 1000 posts??? And thanks for the naturalmantra discount ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oooh and … An advance Merry Christmas!

    • says

      welcome to the blog, Mira :) and, hope you like it around!! feel free to comment and there are a few giveaways going on so may be you would like to join them as a starter :)

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