Blogging Series Vol. 1 – Giveaway Condemnations!!

Ok, so, a few days back, Just Herbs giveaway had started and I had made it imperative that only one person can enter using a single computer. Rafflecopter form stores the IP address and I have found out in the previous giveaways that many people were sending multiple entries using multiple email ids!

Now, as bloggers, we have to be careful to avoid bogus entries. Then, I received this comment from one of the readers:
hey, u must understand not all ppl can afford to hv individual pcs.
a group of friends can share a net connction to save costs. its sad u r into this kind of censorship.
anyways, ur opinion. the unsubscribe button is open to us as well.

Well, I do accept that not everyone has that luxury so in such a case, please link your email ids to valid facebook profiles of yours and send me friend requests so that I can check for the validity in case you turn out to be the winner. Please note that any doubtful looking facebook profile would not be considered. 
Another thing which disappointed me gravely was mentioning the option of unsubscription. Well, I am not forcing you to read my blog. Giveaways are a token of appreciation to my readers and even the sponsored giveaways do not exactly come without a little bit of work.
I am really sorry if I sound rude but this is an issue which I guess almost every blogger faces. The thing which resulted in this venting post was the mention of unsubsciption. I am not forcing you to subscribe either. Please feel free to venture out if you are not interested but I have to keep some rules to make sure only genuine people win!!


  1. shivani says

    Dear Swati,
    you have a real good blog here,instead of threatening to unsubscribe the person should have mentioned her problem to you and yes you were being considerate to actually find a solution(fb). even then somebody unsubscribes then i say it is their loss and good riddance to someone who is just interested in the giveaways only.

  2. says

    Swati dear I totally support your views and agreed facing the same issues
    conducting a giveaway is not as easy as it sounds to the readers
    glad you putup this post creating awareness to many readers :)

  3. says

    to the person who ever wrote tat comment, i undstnd u were angry but seriously threatening, tats is bad.
    honestly its not like she needs us, its actually the other way round. we need her and so we read her blog.

  4. Shreya says

    I am surprised someone could write a letter to you in such a dictat. IMO it was way harsher on you. You were only trying to being fair with all your readers and an effort like this could have been appreciate. Yes a little here and there could have been addressed in an easier way.
    Anyways dont let such a thing spoil your mood. Forget it. And keep smiling.

  5. says

    hi dear Swati

    u’ve got the perfect solution to verify the identity of participants. urs is the only blog that i feel is written in a manner/language that appeals me n makes me feel connected. I think many other readers wud agree with me on this. So there shud be no point UNSUBSCRIBING ur blog….

    U keep posting these wonderful articles n we’re all here to support u :)

    Shilpa Bindlish

  6. Coral Crue says

    That’s a very hurtful thing to say. First of, we are not blogging or communicating with bloggers for the sake of gaining material things. We are here as a community and our readers are an extension of us. Giveaways are just that. It’s not the essence of a blog. Whoever wrote that doesn’t deserve to read your blog then. Their loss, their choice. More strength to you, girl :)

  7. Roshni says

    Hi Swati, I had read that comment and had found it very rude. We all understand how you feel and that person had no right to rant at you that way. Your regular readers know that you are a sweet person and we understand why you have your rules. The person who wrote that comment didnt know you at all to have said that.
    Please ignore that reader. We all love you. We dont come to your blog for giveaways but because we love reading what you write.

  8. Anonymous says

    I think i feel sorry for the person who wrote that comment and even more sorry for the people with whom (s)he is interacting daily. because with such toxic attitude and arrogance life can really be tough eventually ( even if one doesnt believe in karma theory). there will always be people throwing their nonsenses at us, we cant let them affect us. remember people will always complaint no matter what.

    • says

      hi…i think it is a little unfair to say like that about anyone we don’t know just on the basis of a few comments she made on a blog. anyways, you are right that some people do complain and talking about negativity, this is getting too negative so I shall have to write a more cheerful post ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Anonymous says

      I know i was rude and unfair, so was she ;-). i just wanted gave this person a dose of her own medicine. but what a pity all those comments couldnt help her in seeing real problem and why people are so strongly standing by your side. anyways no offense to you intended. and yes we need a cheerful post :-)

  9. Anonymous says

    And I cant believe you chose to write an entire post just bcos a word ” unsubscribe ” was mentioned. You were quite condescending in your own description above on that very post, while remaining ignorant of our problems of finances, and so is the person above who talks of toxic attitude and arrogance. When there is so much of negativity around, and you actually spin it further by writing posts on it, to obviously invite comments which tell you , you were right.. then actually there’s no point discussing it further.

    I actually wrote a reply to the comment on that same blog, where I thought we were having a discussion, completely unaware you had written a negative post of this nature somewhere else.

    And btw, I have still not unsubscribed. Just merely mentioning that there is an option available, doesn’t mean someone will resort to it. But after seeing an actual post on my comments, makes me guarded and I do not think I will be able to write freely on my thoughts anymore on your blog.

    And to the person above, it is I actually who feel sorry that you can pass comments without knowing the entire issue from both sides of the matter. Such attitude does no one any good, whether you believe in Karma theory of not.

    But since a blogger has written it, its obvious it will invite comments since the other person does not have a medium to voice out his opinion.

    • says

      well, since I have written the post, you may as well believe and this is the last time I am ever going to answer you so please don’t bother to comment again….whether you think I am fair or not or have the guts to see it or not, its up to you. now, lemme say that the reason I wrote this post was because of your provoking comment which if you read from a reader’s perspective, it is quite rude. how your comments affect me is a matter I would keep to myself and I do not want to make my blog comments a battleground.
      if you want others to understand your perspective, please try and understand their perspectives as well. and, regd. fb’s logins, I am a blogger and I have known a lot of problems with fake fb entries other bloggers have faced. and, regd. my understanding of financial problems, you have no idea who I am or what I have seen in my life so if you think, I host these giveaways for only the people rich enough to have their own pc’s, please go ahead and do so. and, the same comment which you made is fair, I have never said it is unfair but you could have written that in a more polite way as well.
      and, regd the people who have commented on the post (specially the person who has written on the karma topic you are referring to), honestly, i did not like that comment as it was unfair to write like that on anyone but i did not have time to reply to all the comments so i deferred the task. and, whether you are expressing opinions or condemning someone is up to you. if you call this frankness, yes it is but there is way to be frank. you can’t be judging.
      and, regd. reading the posts or whether i need readers or not, i have been blogging since three years and i have seen a lot of changes in the blogging world and i have written even when i had no readers so i did not vent out this for the benefit of my reputation or my blog. and, you don’t have to mention options which everyone knows is available to them. unfortunately, your comments also had the same affect on me.
      and, if you wanted to have a discussion, you could have watched the tone of what you wrote. it is very easy to miscommunicate in the world of nameless and faceless. and, i have not written it elsewhere. it was there on my blog open for you to read anytime. i wasn’t doing anything sneaky!! I am sorry if this post hurt you.

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