5 reasons you might not be sleeping well {Five Series}

So, when I was in Delhi, I wasn’t really sleeping well. Yup, it happens because my dad disturbs me a lot ๐Ÿ˜€ Nah, its actually that he gets up at very odd times and he either snores heavily or his nasal tract problem wakes me up. I always keep on wondering how mom is able to sleep.
When I caught cold, my nose was giving me issues and one day I developed some allergy suddenly due to which I had bad itching and the whole skin was turning red and covered with bumps. So, all these things one after another culminated in not so comfortable sleeping patterns.
So, I sat down and listed some possible reasons apart from disturbances which might hamper the regular sleep process and they are very simple. They are all day to day habits which we wither ignore or take for granted. Sometimes it also happens that we do sleep but when we get up we don’t feel refreshed. Why?
Yup, this is the biggest issue. You should sleep in total darkness because even a flicker of light is caught by the eyes and that interferes with the deep sleep processes. So, one of the alternatives is to use a sleeping mask so that even if there is a bed light on, it shouldn’t disturb the sleep.

Body is not too tired or IS TOO TIRED
So, yup, this is one of the most common reasons why you do not sleep well. Not doing enough work in a day or making your body too much work that it aches makes the sleep disturbed.
Because, if the body is too tired, a comfortable sleeping position is not reached. And, if it is not tired at all, again the body’s clock doesn’t work properly.
Room Temperature not Comfortable
If the temperature of the room is too hot or too cold, the body is in an uncomfortable position. Also, remember that the body temperature drops in sleep by around 1 or 2 degrees to preserve energy. Also, using too many blankets or too less blankets also makes a difference.
Reading an interesting Book or watching something disturbing just before sleeping
When we sleep, whatever we think just before sleeping often has a lot of role in dreams or brain activity after we sleep. If it is something very interesting or very disturbing, the body never enters the deep state of sleep and remains in a lucid state the entire night.  
Dependence on Alarm Clocks
Well, this is probably the most difficult habit to get rid of. But, unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why you might not wake up refreshed. Alarm clock doesn’t interfere with sleep process but it interferes with the natural waking process. 
Human body is supposed to fall asleep with the dark and wake up with the first ray of sunlight hitting the body. That is why, generally, it is advised to wake up early in the morning. And, if you keep your room sufficiently ventilated, you would find that you do wake up when the sunlight hits your bedroom. 
But, due to the disturbed lifestyles, one hardly sleeps till it is late at night and when the alarm clock rings just near the ear in the morning without giving you adequate sleep, it leaves you feeling dizzy and heavy. Also, sometimes, body keeps awake in the anticipation of the alarm ring subconsciously!

So, what do you think are the reasons one might not sleep well?

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  1. Revathy says

    good points Swati :)

    i wud add –

    1. intake of caffeine late in the night
    2. uncomfortable night wear
    3. anxiety & stress

    • says

      hey Revathy….yup, they are definitely there but I had mentioned them quite sometimes on the blog ๐Ÿ˜€ uncomfortable night wear is one thing I didn’t write about!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I think stress plays a vital role in bad sleeping state. A very good day or a really bad day all somehow affect our sleeping state. The best remedy would be to meditate or pray before you sleep ad this will calm down the day stress that build up.

  3. Roshni says

    Thank you for this list. This is a very comprehensive list and if we take care to keep this points in mind, we would all definitely sleep better. So thanks again! :)

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