What’s your spot of sunshine in the day? {Your Opinion}

Spot of Sunshine is the moment which you look forward to in the entire day. The moment which makes your day worthwhile. It can be anything from talking to your parents to listening to music to meeting up with friends or just sitting quietly and drifting into daydreams.

My spot of sunshine – honestly, if I really sit and think about it, there are many. First, talking to mom when coming back from work. I always call her when walking from office to home and it is any time between 5 and 6, generally. And, talking to dad at night.
My mom always pretends as if she is busy with work and doesn’t like to be disturbed but I also know that she waits for my call and, in fact, if something happens and I don’t call, she does get disappointed even though she would never say so. She is kind of non-verbal when it comes to love and demonstrating it ๐Ÿ˜€

What am I like? I think I am mix of both – mom and dad. I do shower a lot of excesses but its all superficial or rather the top layer only. But, my deepest feelings, I am never able to talk about them. In fact, I don’t know how to do that even if I want to!!

Anyway, moving on, my next spot of sunshine is reading your comments. Another reason why you should comment more!!! Heed to it ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t think of any other activity in my entire day which I actually look forward to. Sad that I don’t find the same level of excitement or responsibility when it comes to work. I think I should try harder!!

I do also think that spot of sunshine is the moment which you look forward to even during the darkest days of your life. After all, that’s what would make that moment really special – having a light even when what you can see is only darkness, right? Getting too heavy? Ok, I will stop here and open the floor to you :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    hey my spot of sunshine is when I talk to my Mom during the day and night; I also enjoy day-dreaming and dream about a huge palatial house with my parents, children, husband and siblings dining together, watching tv together, having fun and so on. akhila

  2. says

    I do shower a lot of excesses but its all superficial or rather the top layer only. But, my deepest feelings, I am never able to talk about them. In fact, I don’t know how to do that even if I want to!!

    Exactly my thoughts !

  3. Roshni says

    My spot of sunlight is meeting my hubby after a long day of work :). The next one is getting into bed at night with a good book over which I fall asleep. Another one is speaking to my parents anytime during the day. And the last one is Friday nights .. i just love them! Its the beginning of the weekend with 2 whole days off .. yay!!!

    • says

      wow…married state is a bliss if you love your hubby na :) i love falling asleep reading a book but that rarely happens…the book gets finished and night goes off ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, friday nights are good :)

    • Roshni says

      well .. I cant fall asleep without reading. So falling asleep on a book is a must for me! ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I have tons of books spread all over the house. In case I have finished reading library books and have nothing new to read at night, I just dig up one of my old books, and start reading so I can fall asleep :)

    • says

      good yaar…waise you can suggest me some books na. which ones do you like to read??? i generally prefer classics or mysteries. i more of a romantic gal so historical romances are my fav ๐Ÿ˜€ right now i started on the white tiger but the starting only is so negative that i really dont feel like reading it. and, another i am reading is a book on thought processes and decision making which is pretty good.

    • Roshni says

      You asked my favorite question!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I might totally bore you now ..

      Well, I generally only read fiction – romance, mystery, adventure, anything! I still read Archies and Enid Blytons too since they are total stress busters for me :) Other than that, I love Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton (of Jurassic Park fame), Nora Roberts (she also writes as J.D.Robb and I love all J.D.Robb books), Mary Higgins Clark, and many others. I can go on and on .. but for now I would suggest 3 authors from the above that you might like:
      1. Mary Higgins Clark – writes murder mysteries with a woman protagonist. I really like her books and you can start with “While my Pretty one sleeps” to see whether you like her books.
      2. J.D.Robb – The books are set in the future (2059 and beyond) and the protagonist is a lady police officer. You might find the books a bit dark, but the books are truly awesome. So try anyone and see if you like.
      3. Michael Crichton – if you liked Jurassic Park movie, read the book – it is so much better. Michael Crichton usually goes indepth about a lot of scientific stuff in his books. But his way of writing is so beautiful, that you will very easily understand what he is trying to say.

      Also, if you like books based on ancient history, try “Seven Ancient Wonders” by Matthew Reilly. As the name suggests, the book is based on the ancient wonders and is very fascinating. It was followed by “Six Sacred Stones” and “Five Greatest Warriors”. All 3 are good, but Seven Ancient Wonders is by far the best.

      In case you have a preference for the type of fiction you read, then let me know and I will see whether I have an author which you might like in that genre.

      Hope the above was helful!!! Happy Reading!!!

    • says

      i don’t like scifi stuff so is the norah roberts thing more scifi based??? will check out mary higgins…have heard a lot about her…i don’t like history books but would deifnitely check out matthew reilly!!! i like more of suspense and thrillers and romance so i totally love christie and heyer and robin cook is one who is decent. i tried jeffery archer…like a few but can’t read more coz they are too much for me. i haven’t tried edgar allan poe…have you???

    • Roshni says

      Havent’s tried Edgar Allan Poe .. but even I like Robin Cook. Nora Roberts writes sort of thriller cum mystery. Many of her books might deal with supernatural stuff like witches, vampires and stuff and many of her books are trilogies. As J.D.Robb, her books are based in the future, but they are not sci-fi novels. They are pure murder mysteries. So I think you will like them.

      Do let me know if you try any of the authors, and I willr andomly keep telling you about other authors as I think of them. Hope you dont mind! :)

      ooh .. are you a fan of Harry Potter? I never wanted to read the books. But last year, a colleague convinced me to read atleast read the first book and I was hooked! I am so glad I started reading them late – atleast I got to read all the 7 books at once ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. I used to read a book, then download the movie, watch it and then start on the next book .. thats how obssessed I was.

    • says

      oh sure…do lemme know about authors…its always nice to know other’s favs :) i would in fact love to have a book club ๐Ÿ˜€ na yaar, I am not a fan of HP but its just nostalgic and has many memories attached to it :) so, i just keep revisiting them :) in fact you know i like any series which i get hooked to and then i get frantic for the next one ๐Ÿ˜€ are btw, did you read the shiva trilogy by amish tripathi??? his third book is gonna come out soon…its really good :)
      hmmm..will try out those authors then :)

  4. Sam says

    It’s gotta be early morning. I love waking up to the smell of coffee and breakfast. The day starts and adventures await.

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