What you doing for Diwali?

So, tomorrow is choti Diwali and day after, big bang…yay!! Hopefully, I will get to meet one of my really old friend. We have been planning for last five years to meet but till day, the moment hasn’t come and we are desperately hoping it would be tomorrow.

We are actually college friends and we talk as if we meet everyday. That’s what happens when you spend 24 hours with a person and that happens only when you stay in hostel!! And, I shall also be meeting some uncles and aunts who are from yesteryear’s of my life, early 90’s 😀
And, since all of these are scheduled posts, I shall try to update as and when I get something interesting to share. Rest, enjoy your days and I shall be out of town in a few days and the posts would be coming daily. So, enjoy, comment and don’t forget to share how you enjoyed Diwali :)

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