Shahnaz Husain Beauty Tips

I was too lazy to write a new post today and found this ASK SHAHNAZ column in Metro Plus, The Hindu. So, I am sharing those tips here and the credit for this entire article goes to the newspaper. For those who are not aware, Shahnaz Husain is the propagator for beauty industry in India. 
Pimple Marks
  • Mix rice powder with curd and scrub with this paste once or twice a week. Do not use this if you have active acne or pimples, though!! This is only for marks.
  • This is a regular tip. Mix honey and lemon juice and apply on face everyday for 15 minutes. But, I would suggest the sensitive skin people to stay away from lemon and instead go for tomato or cucumber juice.
  • Apply face mask of multani mitti (Indian clay), rose water and lemon juice which is again a regular tip for half hour. 
Dandruff and Greasy Scalp
  • Use lemon water for last rinse. Mix juice of one lemon in half glass of water (around 200ml). And, let the hair air dry.
  • Massage two table spoons of vinegar on scalp half hour before shampooing. [My Tip: Rosemary Essential Oil is amazing for dandruff!]
  • Egg white helps control oily scalp so massage it twenty minutes before washing your hair. 
  • Include fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouts and yogurt in your daily diet. Drink lot of water daily. Having lemon water first thing in the morning also helps. 
Blister developed due to Mosquito bite
  • Never ever scratch the bump or blister. 
  • Dip a tea bag in cold water and apply it on the blister to calm it down and soothe the swelling.
  • Honey, aloevera gel or apple cider vinegar can also be applied as a spot treatment. [My Tip: Light hand massage of Aloevera gel really helps!!]
Excess Sweat and Body Odor 
  • Wear fresh clothes and bathe twice a day, if possible. [My tip: Make sure your clothes dry in good sun even if not direct sunlight!]
  • Add one tea spoon of alum and crushed mint leaves to your bath water
  • Tea Tree essential oil also helps with body odor and controlling sweat. Mix two drops with rose water or normal water and apply on the sweaty areas of the body using cotton ball.


  1. kavya says

    My nose is pigmented and I also have a lot of whiteheads, Please give any single ingredient face pack to remove pigmentation and get an even skin tone. how much time will it take to get rid of pigmentation?

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