pH level and Citrus Fruits {Skin Care}

Citrus Fruits are one of the most loved fruits for DIY because they lend freshness and cleanse the skin really well. But, they are also very harsh on the skin because of their acidity so one should use them in moderation and also, they make the skin photosensitive. 
So, why should we really bother ourselves with these fruits? Well, because not all citrus fruits have the same level of acidity. Some are gentler on skin and can be used by sensitive skins as well. pH level is the measure of acidity of the fruit. Any chemical is either acidic or alkaline in nature and generally, fruits are acidic.

Some are alkaline as well. But, right now, we are talking about citrus fruits and they are acidic so let us look at the pH values of some widely available fruits to know which can be used safely on skin and which should be avoided. Though, lemon is the most loved citrus fruit. 
Most Acidic Fruits
Tangerine – 3.90, Grapefruit – 3.38, Lime – 2.40, Lemon – 2.30
Least Acidic Fruits
Mandarin – 11.50, Orange – 4.35, Kumquat – 3.95
Also, remember that as the fruit ages, its acidity decreases.(Source)
Now, the pH level of the skin around 5.4 so if you use orange instead of lemon, its more gentle on skin. Even I was surprised to know that mandarin is alkaline and not acidic. When I was writing this post, I was reminded that I prefer tomatoes to lemon so checked its pH value as well. 
pH value of fresh tomato ranges between 4.3 and 4.9 (source). In fact, potato is also considered to be great for skin. Its pH value lies between 5 and 6.5 which is relatively very less acidic and more gentle on skin. So, you can now customize your home remedies according to the pH levels of the ingredients :)


  1. Pranali says

    i am mixing potato juice in face packs instead of rose water and i have seen a visible difference!
    i also wanted to know- would mixing beet root juice with Noir give a reddish tint or regular dark brown?

    • Pranali says

      unfortunately noir never gave a black tint for me.. it was always some shade of brown.. i’ve started to think maybe i got one from a bad batch..

    • Pranali says

      oh.. i am putting it once a month so black looks like a distant dream.. waise i was thinking of adding some indigo to noir but am scared.. i don’t want to mess up in its proportion and get blue hair..

    • says

      oh good…some one had advised me to use potato only :) the reddish tint would come when you use it repeatedly for some 4-5 times and noir doesn’t leave you with brown hair…it goes black!!! maroon is a good choice for reddish tint :)

    • says

      nah…actually, it becomes black on repeated usage…i used it 3 times almost in one week so my hair got really dark jet black in fact. if you use that much then only your hair would be black other wise it would be somewhere between dark brown i guess. even i didn’t like that kind of color!!!

  2. says

    hii today i just read your useful remedies and very much impressed by you. thanks a lot for helping others by sharing your knowledge…

    In coming Feb i am having engagement. and i am working lady want to know that how i use beetroot for my health as i am fair complexion girl but little having scar problem,,drinking daily aloe vera juice which is very helpful for skin but my mom insisted me to drink beetroot juice too..m little confused about it…and yes m having oily skin so any effective remedy for glowing skin?

    • says

      thanks Chinni for your kind words :) well, regd the juice, i would suggest drink different one every day. that way you will get all the nutrients :)
      for oily skin, you can apply aloevera gel at night for moisturizer and rub potato slice on your face and neck to remove tanning and get glowing skin :) rest, you can also check the bridal files series in the categories page (accessible from the navigation bar above). and, don’t forget the sunscreen!!

  3. says

    and one more thing i am applying daily night moisturizer which is mixture of lemon juice and rose water is really effective for scars…i need to confirm from your side that may i use it forevr??

    • says

      daily usage of lemon is not that great idea!!! why don’t you change it to orange juice or potato juice or even tomato juice. trust me, the result would be same. also, i just wanted to ask doesn’t it stain the bed clothes and your clothes??? how do you make it???

  4. says

    Hii today i just read your useful remedies and very much impressed by you.
    Can you suggest me how can i remove the pimples & spots on my face. I used many things in home but there is no response, so plz some suggest me.

  5. says

    hii today i just read your useful remedies and very much impressed by you.
    Can u suggest me how can i removes the pimples & spots on my face. I used many things in home remedied but there is no response, so plz some suggest me

  6. Anonymous says

    is henna good for hair ? because I really the color of it and I use is two or three times in a week any advice ?

    • says

      Using henna is very good for hair. It acts as a conditioner and nourishes the hair. Add egg it gives instance shine and makes your hair silky. Keep heena overnight in a iron utensil and apply it the next day in the morning. So that it can give the color( I too love the color). Use it twice in 15 days. add tea water or coffee water to mix the henna as it gives a natural brown shade. You can also add beetroot juice if you want a burgandi(red) shade.
      Add curd and lemon to mix the heena if u have dandruff problem.
      And last shampoo your hair after a day so it leaves a beautiful color.
      and before shampoo apply oil so that it dont leave your hair dry :-)
      hope the information is knowledgeable for u :-)

  7. Rohan says

    Hey Swati please shal u tell in potato , orange,and tomato which one is good to use on face as my skin is dry .. N please tell me how i shoul use it .

  8. Anonymous says

    A mixture of tomato,lemon and honey is using every other day is good to increase fairness
    or how many days in a week can use this home remedy.Please replay me


  9. Anonymous says

    Hi swati
    Garima here itz nice 2 learn so many tips 4m u…bt I wud lyk 2 share my problms wd u lso dt I ‘v been sffrnf frm dark circls,acne spots n tanning cases on my face wl u please hlp me 2 get rid of all ds..I wl b oblidgd…

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,
    Ur posts are really valuable. Thanks.
    I have an “extra-sensitive” skin.
    I used lemon juice on ma face for 2 days on d acne marks and i think it broke me out, i got pimples on ma chin, the big ones and some on cheeks too.
    Plz note i do not get acne every now and then but wanted to remove the acne scars so tried lemon. it added to my problem.
    Can lemon cause breakout or the reason of my skin breakout could be different ??
    Plz suggest some home remedy to remove acne scars, i have a combination skin (extra senstitie like i said)

    • Anonymous says

      If you have extra sensitive skin don’t use cleansers and what not. I use to use cleansers and acne products all the time. They don’t work. Just use a wash cloth(your exfoliator) and cold water( your cleanser). Also look up a product called Acne no more by roots of health. This works wonders. I do recommend you take vitamins or drink vitamin C before bed. Helps your immune system. As for applying lemon juice I’d do more research on applying that.

    • says

      may be lemon juice did not suit your skin but may be there is some other reason for breakout as well. why do you not try using tomato juice instead. its less acidic as compared to lemon juice and more friendly to sensitive skins.
      also, use medicated cleansers like episoft or cetaphil instead of the commercially available ones and make sure to mositurize your face well every single time.
      also, limit your usage of home remedies and for acne scars, try potato juice instead. it is not acidic and mildly bleaching so use cold potato juice. it will be soothing for your skin as well and not irritate the skin.

  11. Ayesha says

    Hello Swati,
    I am 21 and have very sensitive skin. Could you please suggest me a face mask or pack to get fair skin and also to remove my dark spot.
    My skin cannot tolerate Lemon/lime juice and i get breakouts.
    Your help will be much appreciated. :)

    • says

      Hi Ayesha, use potato slices on your skin every night after washing your face. It will remove the tan and the marks gradually. You can also apply honey as a face mask after washing off the potato juice. And, follow with a moisturiser at the end.

      • Ayesha says

        Hello Ms.Swati, thank you so much. After applying the potato slice, for how long should i keep it?
        I am currently applying besan(gram flour) mixed with milk. So, can I mix the honey with it and apply as a mask.
        One more question Ms.Swati, can you suggest me an exfoliating mask to remove the dead skin before applying face mask. I have heard vinegar with honey and sugar is helpful for exfoliating.

        I apologize for asking sooo many questions, but i really want to get spot-free and fair skin (my skin tone is dusky) fast since my wedding is near.

        • says

          hi Ayesha. keep the potato juice till it dries off. yes, you can add honey to the mix. do not use exfoliating mask daily. do it only twice a weel and use sugar mixed with honey. it is the best exfoliator. and, yes, do apply sunscreen every single day in the morning. i would suggest using neutrogena. and, do not skimp on sunscreen. it is extremely important. and, always remove sunscreen using oil in the night. it would massage your face as well and improves circulation so it is extremely helpful. also use products which suit your skin. and, congratulations for the wedding :)

          • Ayesha says

            Thank you Ms.Swati, do pray for me. By the way, I tried applying potato slice, but I could not get much juice of it on my skin. As in i did not understand whether it has dried or not. Should i grate the potato and squeeze out juice and apply or boil it and the mash it to apply?

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