Omved Anirveda Body / Bath Oil {Product Review}

Omved Anirveda Body / Bath Oil at Perfect Skin Care for you

Price: Rs 590 for 80ml

Online – Naturalmantra
Almond, Olive, Jojoba, Orange, Lemon, Lavender and Mogra (Jasmine) oils
it gets absorbed super quick!!
keeps skin moisturized for decent time
 will suit all skin types, even oily
damn the expense!! 
might not be enough for extremely dry skin!
hate the packaging!
My Experience
Ok, I got the 30ml bottle from the website as part of their promotional campaign. Well, as you all already know that I do splurge heavily on the website so what else should I say?
Ok, I won’t say its the perfect website to shop from coz there have been hitches but Nishant and Tina (the owner couple) are very helpful and generally handle the grievances soon enough and very efficiently.
And, coming back to the product, it gets absorbed into the skin like a dream!! Seriously, it beats Forest Essentials as well in that depo if you don’t count the fragrance. 
This smells more herbal and Earthy which is also not repulsive but I donno why it smells like that considering the essential oils in the product. But, the problem is that it might not be enough for extremely dry skin in winters. 
It comes in a aluminium or tin bottle (donno which) and has a round opening with a stopper. I wish it came in a classier looking packaging looking at the price! Donno if the packaging differs for the 80ml pack.
But, one thing which I really want to mention is the price!! Its damn expensive. Also, I wanted to remind you guys that last few days are left to avail the special 10% reader discount at the website so don’t forget to use it :)

PS: Product sent by website for self-promotion.

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  1. Roshni says

    Hi Swati. Thanks for the review. I have been browsing the naturalmantra site since yesterday so as to see what all I want to buy so that I can use your discount code ;-). Hope to place order tomorrow!

    This oil sure is expensive!!! .. I was thinking of buying the Omved jojoba oil which you also purchased in your haul. Any feedback on that?

    • says

      oh.i got soulflower jojoba oil…omved doesn’t have one…i think its good coz i have added a few drops of it to the aloevera scalp gel i made and it doesn’t make my hair greasy at all and i used it only for hair till now but its expensive for sure :( 250 for 30ml!!!

    • Roshni says

      Oops .. sorry – I meant soulflower jojoba oil.
      Hey .. I was googling and came across this jojoba oil by Dr. Urshita Jain. Its supposed to be quite inexpensive and she also makes essntial oils and other hair care and skin care products. Her brand name is Forest herbals. The only problem is availability. I dont know where I can purchase her products. Am going to try the medical stores tonight cause I read that they might be available in medical stores.

      Have you heard of her?

    • Roshni says

      Ooh . another question – can I use the soulflower jojoba oil on my hair to fight the hair fall? I am planning to buy the jojoba oil and also lavender and rosemary essential oil, mix it in correct proportion with the jojoba oil and apply to my scalp. Am hoping this will help to fight hair fall. Would this be the right thing to do? Thanks in advance for the advice :)

    • says

      yup i have heard of dr. jain…her products are supposedly easily available in mumbai easily!!! i know they are very inexpensive and all so that makes me a little skeptical!!! but then can’t really judge a product on basis of price. yup, they used to available on stylecraze but now the have shut down the website so that was sad!! yes, jojoba is apparently helpful for hair fall…yes, rosemary and lavender also help so you can use them…make sure the EO are only 2% of the concentration!!!

    • Roshni says

      Thank you!!!!!! Dont know what I did before May when I didnt have you to ask questions :) Hope you dont mind. You are the only person I know who is so knowledgeable on natural stuff.

  2. says

    Thank you for your honest review Swati Murti. Love the ‘pros’ but would like to comment on the ‘cons’..Omved being my company, (my passion) I simply cannot resist in doing so..
    ‘THE EXPENSE’ – well I cannot deny that, can only explain – raw materials for 100% safe and natural formulations are in very very short demand in India by manufacturers and hence at a very high cost. We are sure though, as consumers like yourself demand more for natural skin care products the prices will come down. Furthermore we use only pure therapeutic grade (PTG)essential oils and a very high concentration of skin enhancing COLD-PRESSED pure oils like Jojoba in this case (thus the SUPER quick absorbtion!
    To add a little bit – Omved is INDIA’S FIRST AND ONLY company to be recognised by the SAFE COSMETIC Pledge to have safe skincare formulations. We not only use 100% natural, vegan, crulty-free, non-toxic formulations but we take pride that they are safe (containing NONE of the thousands of harsh chemicals that are banned by them)!!
    Our BOTTLING is also either made of food grade aluminium (100% recyclable) or coloured glass to preserve the purity of our extract and pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We use no plastic because it leeches toxins and also affects PTG quality oils. This bottle we are not very pleased with also, to be honest, but then we wish to use only MADE IN INDIA products and this is all we could find in eco-friendly, skin-safe aluminium!!
    Once again thank you for the feedback. It is positively critical in our growth and development.

    • says

      hi…it would have been great to have your name as well!!! yes, I do know that it is expensive to use pure raw materials but then not all can really afford products so pricey so have to mention it as a con but seriously i loved the way it gt absorbed into the skin even if I went overboard…yup, regarding the packaging, you might probably want to shift in glass bottles with dropper or may be with a squirting mechanism…that might be better looking…and, thank you so much for taking time and responding to the post :)

  3. nami says

    tempting very much interested in essential and carrier oils now a days but mogra is something am not comfortable with(gave me headache)right now am using kama’s coconut oil,working fine but am always game to try out something new
    by the way have you tried out any bath gel from forest essentials ..i have a generous sample of honey and saffron gel..quite like soothing effect but dont get that clean kind of feeling because it does not lather much

    • says

      i tried the kama mogra water which is really soothing and sibtle otherwise mogra has a very strong smell!!! this doesn’t even smell close to that!!! s, you can try it out :) even i like to try out new oils ๐Ÿ˜€ these days i have my eyes on really expensive stuff!!! are in fact this time, i gave try to L’Occitane body oil and it was damn sticky :( didn’t like it at all!!! nah, i didn’t try any bath gel from them…donno but i think i dont like spending that much on shower gels…i prefer to spend on things which stay on the skin ๐Ÿ˜€ shower gel is like washed off in a second…and, i have also noticed that some of these cleansing gels which are natural leave a thin film behind on the skin which i don’t like at all!!! do try out neev…you will like it :) and, it gives that clean feel as well!!!

  4. nami says

    ha ha okay MVO is also one of the expensive brands but worth it..i think l’occitane is bit overprice.i have tried their immortelle brightening serum which was a total disappointment ..even i dont spend much on bath showers and all ..actually i have lots of deluxe samples of their shower gels and body lotion so am enjoying them..not going to spend on them as i prefer using body oils in winters and i will check out neev ..btw r u recommending their body wash or soaps

    • says

      are waahh…how did you get hold of their samples??? do they give them??? i always forget to ask for samples. i do think that brands should give out samples when a customer buys from them!!!
      reg. neev, i have tried soaps as well…their rose almond soap is really good and their shower gel rose olive or something, have tried that, that’s also good :)

    • nami says

      he he i got the samples during my stay in oberoi udaivilas.overheard that they are stingy in giving samples and i haaaaate stingy brands.yes they should give out samples atleast it will be very helpful for people with sensitive skin :)and thanks for recs dear

    • says

      haha…hotel stays are useful in one thing at least…even i collect a lot of samples ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, i guess all brands are stingy!!! at least lush, TBS and FE are for sure. heard Kiehl’s is generous…donno but!!!

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