My Haul and other products!!

French Cypress Essential Oil and Vetiver Water

So, let me try to get over the home sickness and blogging work by putting up pics of some of the products I got from there, used there and hauled there. On a second note, the Diwali pics were not that great so I am skipping putting those pics :( My arms are looking like a wrestlers ๐Ÿ˜€ Yup, I do have really fat arms!! Anyways, check out the pics.

Yummy smell!!

vanilla body butter duo I got for dad

this is the German version of classic nivea creme which is said to be really good which took care of dry patches I developed there

my cousin got this sample for me when he went to Germany and it smells really good

cup cakes from Spice and Sugar at Khan Market – liked this and their wraps as check the bakery there!!

somebody gifted us Kaju Barfi (we don’t buy sweets generally) and my mouth is watering right now!!

that’s the rangoli I made…ok, don’t laugh!! That’s the second ever I made in my entire existence ๐Ÿ˜

And, I also got Palmolive Thermal Spa Coconut and Jojoba butter body wash or something which also smells like cocoa butter and really yummy!!! I didn’t get it to Hyderabad but would definitely buy it when I find it here. Also, it probably doesn’t have SLS so double fayda ๐Ÿ˜€
Btw, let me tell you my experience at Kama shop. They have wide enough range and their soaps are yummy smelling but damn expensive (around 400 for 100gms). They have vetiver, mogra (jasmine) and rose distilled waters. They are worth a try, especially the vetiver and jasmine.
I have yet to figure out how to use it. It does say its a face and body mist but I don’t know if it lingers on. Will wait till my nose gets ok. Anyways, back to the shop, their EO’s are all 800 bucks but they look smell really nice and pure. They have around 14 EO’s, will definitely buy them. 
One more thing which attracted me was the shampoo which is like 1000 bucks and they don’t have samples so I didn’t want to take a risk. With SLS free shampoos, my experiences are really not going that great. Honestly, they don’t remove oil. 
Oh btw, did I mention they also have extra virgin coconut and sesame and even almond oil. So, that’s the nutshell of the products which I liked. Of course, there are many others. One more product which I wanted to try, but had done my shopping by then, was their body oil which had lily and something!!

So, how did you find the post?


  1. says

    hey swati wow so many products too gud haan, well i liked yr rangoli its really gud. diwali always gets u sweets/sweet memories.

    well can i knw frm where did u buy the sessame oil i mean is there a website which sells this online?

  2. Padmaja says

    Nice picture post Swati! The cupcake looks yummy…

    800 bucks for EO’s :O

    I am also thinking to buy vaseline cocoe moisturiser…

    Bet’ nice haul :)

    • says

      yup, the cupcake was yummy…it was lemony…i wish i had brought all flavors…they would have clicked so well ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, 800 bucks was damn expensive :( do buy the cocoa one…but, haan, use it less coz less is more in that otherwise it turns sticky.

  3. Anonymous says

    hey Swati, I have the coconut jojoba butter bod wash, its good – but tell me what type of a loofah is good, the one I got is a hand-made jute one, it eats away all the creamy body wash and I have nothing to use ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also I am tempted at the vaseline coco bod lotion – I bot it last time, liked it quite a lot, now eyeing to buy that again and also the nivea body milk – oh my god – so many bod lotions to try for winter … Akhila

    • says

      hey Akhila….i use the body shop exfoliating gloves and totally love it otherwise i use my hands only ๐Ÿ˜€ but, the other loofahs, i have used only the plastic ones and not the original loofahs…a few i have used are very scratchy so may be you can check out the plastic ones only???
      haha…even i wanna get the nivea body milk and i got tempted by the color of the parachute body lotion the blue one and got that…a small one only but that’s also good :)

    • says

      actually its cypress but they probably wanted to name it exotically ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, I am not looking at the pics otherwise will lust after it ๐Ÿ˜€ no yaar, they really didn’t come out well…I am looking like a sumo wrestler :(

  4. Roshni says

    Wow .. a lot of products here :) .. Thanks for the update.
    Have you heard of Moroccan Argan oil. I have heard that it is supposed to be very good and a little amount put on hair after it has dried acts as a very good moisturising serum. I am interested in buying pure argan oil. Do you know where we can buy it, either online or from a shop. Also, can argan oil be used for the scalp and what are the benefits?

    Sorry for so many questions :) .. but you usually have a answers!

    • says

      haha…that’s fine :) yup, argan oil is supposed to be very good and one of my blog reader only…she is a moroccan and she told me that its really really great but you should buy only the morroccan oil…there are many fake argan oils as well..some of them are from isreal and all…waise i know that soulflower has introduced argan oil at 800 bucks but if you don’t really mind spending, you might want to look at mountain rose herbs or garden of wisdom sites. they usually would have organic and original moroccan oil.

    • Roshni says

      Thank you so much for the info!!!! Will check out the above sites and see the prices. I hope these are original Moroccan aragn oils :)

      Plus, please can u tell me how to use argan oil on scalp and the benefits of using it? Thanks!

    • says

      they are really famous and authentic sites so no worries about that :) actually even i haven’t used it so can’t say much but have heard that it helps a lot for dry hair especially in controlling frizz and providing shine but it doesn’t do anything for hair growth.

  5. nami says

    nice haul ..why you havnt visited capital art gallery? sugar n spice is good but the best bakery in khan market is lopera (horrifyingly expensive)
    am using kama’s virgin coco oil… yes i heard it too and i think except indian every version is good when it comes to drugstore brands..i tried the italian version of pantene and it was drastically different from our’s i didnt experience any hair fall which i usually suffer after using pantene…

    • says

      oh…next time will go to lopera then :) we found sugar and spice only on the higher side…everything is 100 ๐Ÿ˜€ small or large!! oh wow…i wanted to get that but then i got stingy!!! hehe…true yaar, the international versions are better somehow :( and, its true for himalaya as well which is an indian brand!!! baaki to are still foreign brands. that’s why i prefer sticking to indian brands only.

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