My Hair Diaries – October 2012

What did I do in October?

As such I have not done anything great in this month but yup, I did try to maintain my alternate day routine of oiling and washing the hair. Well, ok, skipped oiling quite a lot of times but kept up with washing part to keep the hair clean. No DIY again!! 
After using the Kamini treatment last month, my hair did become a lot softer and less dry. But, this time I changed the products except for the shampoo. Also, I did order Basil essential oil which is also supposed to be great for hair growth and jojoba and grapeseed oils which again are supposed to be amazing for hair.
One DIY which I tried was using vinegar as last rinse but I don’t know if it really helped. Forgot to take the snaps that day!! Also, ordered Organic Surge finally and also got a pair of flats!! Never got footwear online….hope it fits ok!! Will share it with you when my camera gets ok :)
Products Used
  • L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Hair Mask + Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment
  • Forest Essentials Sesame Oil (for scalp) + The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Oil (for the length)
What do you think about my hair this month?

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    1. Roshni says

      Hey Swati .. so you ordered Organic Surge :) .. I have also ordered and am eagerly waiting for it to reach me. While your hair looks nice, it did look softer while you were using the Kamini products.

      • says

        u know i ordered it before i left and it hasn’t reached me YET and I am so angry with urban touch!!! yup, kamini products made my hair really soft and shiny…have to agree with that. her shampoo is also damn awesome!!! wish she disclosed the ingredients at least.

      • Roshni says

        Hope you have received Organic Surge by now. I ordered from flipkart. They really deliver very quickly. have you shopped from flipkart?

      • says

        yup, i have received…i ordered from urban touch…they had like 20% discount or something!!! but, damn the time they take to deliver now….earlier they were good…yup flipkart is good but i heard that they have been embroiled in a controversy…didn’t read the entire thing yet though!!!

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