I am Back!!!

Sorry for no post today but I didn’t have my laptop with me. Had left it in safekeeping with my friend. That’s also the reason for my entire disappearance from the blog :) I have to read and reply to so many comments and mails :) Thanks for that!
Btw, I was keeping a look on the blog all the while to check out what you guys are writing but it was from dad’s chotu lappie which is way too small for me. In fact, again getting accustomed to the huge screen is itself an experience. Yup, I am back to Hyd. 
Came back yest and I felt that Hyderabad is way cooler than Delhi. Ok, I know everyone from there would love to kill me but honestly, I felt warm there and then it felt a bit chillier on last Thursday and Friday and then, I was feeling really hot on Sunday. I caught cold as well there :(
Nah, its not exactly a bad cold but just a bit which is apparent with my nasal baritone voice. I could beat Himesh Reshamiyyah’s singing (pardon if the spelling is wrong, I am not in a googling mode right now) ๐Ÿ˜€ Rest, trip was great and I wore a really pretty suit on Diwali which I would share with you only if the snaps have come up nicely.
And, what else? I did go to Kama shop. And, I got French Cypress Essential Oil from there. Its amazing. Right now my nose is blocked so I am writing that based on the impressions in the store and that of my parents. I smelled it there for quite a while. Yup, pretty expensive.

I have to get into the blogging mode again so the posts might come little lazily. Honestly, a total lazy holiday has taken me into quite a different world and I am right now in a day dream which I want to end ASAP. I wanna go back HOMEEEE. Yup, homesickness at its worst and I am so hungry right now!


  1. Padmaja says

    Hey Swati, Welcome back :) how are u ? Hope u had good time at home :)

    Ya…this year it’s quite chilly in hyderabad…something I havent experienced in last 4,5 years…i almost stopped using my sweater …now i feel like wearing it again

    What else you got from Kama ?

    • says

      hey…yup me fine :) had a great time and now suffering from homesickness :( yup, its the worst since I have been in hyd coz I never ever felt like wearing a full sleeves also but this time even I want a sweater or at least a sweatshirt but I don’t have anything like that in my wardrobe :(

  2. Roshni says

    Welcome back Swati .. missed you lots!!! :) Its cool in Mumbai too right now – 14.6 degrees .. quite cold for Mumbai in Nov. :)

    • says

      haha….actually its still 27 in hyd…i think i was feeling cold coz of my headache and cold ๐Ÿ˜€ now, I am feeling hot again. this winters will sure be colder than the past years. its already pretty cold in Shimla as well.
      thanks for missing me *full grin*

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