How you celebrating your Sunday?

Ok, so, I have ran out of gossip!!! My Saturday was quite hectic because I had to go to Mehdipatnam to buy some sarees my mom wanted. I hate doing such works. I was so confused when I reached there. I mean all of them were looking same and then the lighting in the shops are really bad. 

You will never like anything when you come out of the shop but the shop lights make everything look glamorous!!! Anyways, finally, I got that and along with I got lot of snacking equipment 😀 I am gonna enjoy tonight…eeaaahhhhh. Sad that I finished watching Vampire Diaries in the morning, I could have made it a night show.

No worries, I will find something else as easily :) And, now, I am so tired :( I feel like spending all my weekend sleeping!!! Don’t know what I will do on Sunday but some plans might materialize. Lets see and then I might do some shopping as well…yay!!!


  1. Padmaja says

    If you are spending thousands, they need to be checked in natural light :) usually pattu sarees are checked in natural light …

    So festive shopping full on … Enjoy! :)

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