Do you sleep in a well-ventilated room? {Health}

So, do you? This wouldn’t be obviously applicable to ones sleeping in AC but sleeping in a well-ventilated room is extremely important from the health aspect. Did you also know that you should not cover yourself in the blanket? Yup, its a bad habit.

Its always a good habit to keep the windows of your bedroom open so that there is proper air circulation. Also, whenever you are sitting at any place, it is important that the place is ventilated, not only for air but also allows sun’s rays. That ensures our well-being.
These days we are too much cooped up in the buildings as in offices and all. So, its good that we get well-ventilated houses. One of my friend’s mom used to open the windows even if he used to feel cold at night ๐Ÿ˜€ Yup, she was paranoid about his health. Not in bad sense AT ALL. 

The reason she was so concerned was because if you keep the room closed for long time, your exhaled carbon dioxide gets filled in the room reducing the levels of oxygen. Same is the case when you sleep with your face covered. It interferes with the normal breathing process. 
Another issue which might arise is the entrance of outside light when you open the windows. Yes, one should sleep in extreme dark because our body is sensitive to even a flicker of light when sleeping. So, its a good idea to get a sleeping mask on!! 
Did you know that if you do not sleep in an entirely dark room, your ageing process gets accelerated and also results in weight gain. Vivi has already done a wonderful post on this topic which I have been meaning to post since a very long time so go and check it our right away :)

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  1. Pranali says

    whenever i cover myself with blanket,my mom always says leave some room for the oxygen to come in..
    my sleep has got so much better since i started using eye cover..

  2. Roshni says

    Wow .. thanks for putting up this post. Hubby and me tend to sleep in a closed room with practically no ventilation and no AC these days due to cool weather. So really thanks .. we will keep a window open atleast!

    • Roshni says

      I did catch a cold last night due to keeping window open and despite being adequately covered :( .. and my office is always freezing, so its really really cold right now .. am bundled up in a shawl in office while writing this!

    • says

      haha….I am literally laughing out loud right now ๐Ÿ˜€ you read about my friend and his mom i mentioned above??? he has sinus prob and develops cold really speedily and he feels damn cold during winters when his mom opens the windows…i really hope you get well soon :) keep the windows closed only and haan use eucalyptus oil tablets…your cold would be at least relieved soon :) especially the nose blockage. i am really sorry :( just get well soon.

    • Roshni says

      Hi Swati, thanks for your wishes. I took a sick leave from office the next day and got loads of medicines from my doc. Didnt eat half the doses (hate eating too much medicine) but am much better now :). But the window remains closed and I remain bundled up in a shawl in office.

      Sorry to hear about your friend, but I can understand why his mom opens the windows .. it is so wonderfully cool! Best advice would be to keep yourself warm no matter what!

  3. Narit Thiptara says


    indeed a very nice share .

    Proper ventilation is an essential element of a good house. As we all know, air conditioning units works best in an enclosed area and if this is the case, there is poor circulation.

    Also I agree with your point that if your keep the room close for long -time the exhaled CO2 gets filled in the room and reduce the level of the oxygen which seems to be very harmful for human-body.

    thank you so much for sharing your great ideas ..
    keep up doing good work
    God Bless U !!

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