Do you feel ticklish? {Your Opinion}

Hehe…I do!!! In fact, when ever I have to get underarms done, its a big torture for me ๐Ÿ˜€ Being ticklish with burning hot is not exactly an amazing position to stay in!! And, I anyway have a low tolerance to pain. In fact, this time when I went for waxing, I did face a lot of pain, more than normal. 
I am thinking of taking an aspirin next time. Probably, it might help through the torturous sessions :( In fact, I got my arms waxed after a long time. I know I am weird ๐Ÿ˜€ And, honestly, my arms have lost all sensations!! I don’t quite know how to explain it. You might understand what I am saying if you are not used to getting your arms waxed regularly.
The reason I don’t get my arms waxed regularly is because they are quite dry and prone to allergies and also, their get tanned very quickly. In fact, I can also say that my arms have started itching badly and are very very sensitive right now. Do you have any remedies for it? Oh, and, also, are you ticklish?
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  1. says

    hi swati, does skin get tanned even whn u get waxed i mean i use to think only whn u apply hair removal creams they do. any how thnks for the info

    as far as the itching is concerned its bcz the hair start to go back and we cant really bear tat. if u get one tip let me knw


    • says

      skin gets tanned only by sun or UV rays!! no, it doesn’t get dark in color by waxing but for some it might happen especially on the underarms. yup, hair removal creams do darken the skin on prolonged usage but that also depends from person to person.
      itching starts immediately after waxing and its really difficult to bear it then. that’s because skin is trying to repair the damage caused by waxing. apply a cooling lotion at that time helps. you can use aloevera gel at that time. it soothes the skin :)

  2. Pranali says

    i m scared of razors so i always go for waxing.. in d middle i tried using a trimmer for my arms n that worked great too..

  3. Roshni says

    Hi Swati. I am super ticklish too :) .. and used to hate getting arms waxed. But when I moved to a hostel in 2004, I was not sure whether I would have time to go to a parlour for waxing and all. So I got an epilator. I havent got my arms or underarms waxed since then (except once for my wedding). I epilate my underarms too and find it very easy to use. Try using an epilator if you have so much problem with wax. If you are not altogether happy with epilating always, you can go for waxing every 4th time or something like that so that you have a balance. Do let me know if you have any questions related to epilators.

    • nidhi says

      hey roshni
      is using epilators safe ? no cuts n all ? also,they say wax removes tanning ..i dunno whether it actually does..whats wth epilator regarding this ?
      n dnt we need to use it daily for the new hair that come hair are not removed from the roots ?
      does it gives the same smoothness of waxing?

    • Roshni says

      Hi Nidhi. Epilators are very safe. And they remove the hair from the root. So it takes the same time for hair to come back as after waxing.
      It does not remove tanning. Thats why I mentioned that maybe waxing can be done every 4th or 5th time if that is the purpose. Like I said, i have never waxed once I got the epilator except once for my wedding.
      Regarding smoothness, yes, my hands are very smooth after epilating. And over the last 8 years that I have used epilators, I have noticed that hair growth has reduced. So thats a plus!
      One thing to be careful, if you plan to use epilator on your underarm, do not touch the head to the skin of your underarm, it might create a red mark (not the case when you use it on your hands – underarm skin is more delicate). The epilator head contains sort of teeth (please dont be scared) which remove hair from the root while rotating. So instead of touching the epilator head to the skin of forearm, just catch the hair in the teeth and it will be pulled out.
      I know the explanation sounds bad, but believe me, it is not very painful, and once you get used to it, it is a breeze.
      Hope the loong explanation was useful :)

    • says

      oh, I thought epilators hurt a lot??? don’t they??? I mean they pull on the hair na or do they cut it like shaving?? I will check them out. btw, which epilator do you recommend???

    • Roshni says

      Epilators pull out hair. So if you can bear the pain in waxing, then this will not hurt much. The thing with waxing is that it pulls out hair from a whole length of skin at once, which hurts!!! .. An epilator pulls out a small bunch of hair at a time. So lesser pain and you can go as slow as you want.

      I have been using Philips Satinelle for the past 8 years. It has never got spoilt! I do recommend that you give a try to epilators. The first time you see the head, you might feel scared, but its seriously easy. And the pain is very tiny, you will hardly feel it.

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