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This is the first post sent by one of my regular readers, Rahma. Hope you like it and trust me when I say we both are holding our breaths for the verdict 😀 So, go ahead and let us know how you like the post and what could be better. Also, if you have any specific topic which you want to be written on, you can mention that. And, looking forward to your posts as well :)

Most of the people around me and including me too have the same problem. We are, like, always having some or the other inferiority complex. Some people have the feeling they are not fair, some think they are not thin or not stylish enough. 

We all try our whole life only to impress people around us. We are the people-pleaser material. Sometimes, we go to the extent of even doing stupid stuff like  we  buy the advertisement products and apply it which  sometimes  results in  adverse affects. 
People who are fat on the other hand go to the extent of dieting for like weeks   until they become way too lethargic. We value others opinion so much and get affected. I mean we hear since childhood “BE YOURSELF” but  every time we try to be us we get comments and we tend to be something which we are not.

Truth to be told: if you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else? Although lots of people will love you even if you don’t, your relationships will be much healthier and far more stable if you do [love yourself]. Try to work out what is stopping you from being confident. 
And, then try to overcome these issues. If you have low body confidence, taking up a sport is a good idea because it will make you think about your body differently. Actually, that’s a damn good suggestion, Rahma, because doing something new always changes our perceptions and teaches us new things :)

If you feel too shy, then push your boundaries by doing something new or something independently. I think we all, for once, should follow our hearts and be content the way we are. If people around us can’t accept us the way we are, is it right that we want to be with them?

BE Content for who you are and not what others want us to be. Let go of concerns and focus on building talent and figuring out your strengths. Since it’s my first post, I would really appreciate some comments on this whether my writing was good or not. And, if you liked the post or not.

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  1. says

    The things we do to get other’s approval.We live in a very competitive world and its so easy to lose ourselves in the race.When you love yourself, it shows.I too have some complaints about myself but I have learnt that this is how God has made me. Heck, if I don’t love myself, who would?
    When you are alone, dance, sing, just act are sure to fall in love with that goof :)

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey this is a very good post and a wake up call to a lot of people who want to get into the mold to make others happy –

    since yesterday I was thinking of how I was and how I am today – may be people like the way I dress today (I wear black tights with kurtas paired with jutis all the time) but my real self asks me to wear a pair of denims with a pull over paired with sneakers – thats real me – me the geeky

    the stuff I do now is drama – drama to please husband, to keep him happy – which does nothing to increase his happiness – why not be myself and be happy ??? Akhila

    • says

      hey Akhila…you married??? well, honestly, I think its best to be oneself so that we don’t have to lie to ourselves…that’s the hardest. well, I am totally like you with jeans and a real oldie t-shirt or something but yup, sometimes, we need to please people but that’s ok until they don’t ask us to become that. why don’t you talk it out with your husband??? we are living a modern world right now!!

  3. Anonymous says

    hey thnk u every one for liking our post. its actually swati whom i am really gr8ful to, she not only gave me a chance to write this and even perfected it by editing it. seriously it wasn’t havin flaws and thnks to swati who perfected it.

    thnk u all and esp swati

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