5 tricks to sleep quickly and deeply {Five Series}

So, I have so much trouble sleeping sometimes that the regular tricks have stopped working. So, these are somethings which I have tried and not so much tried but some ideas which might really help with sleeping better. But, first let us review the regular tricks:
  • Drinking a glass of warm milk induces sleep. 
  • Lavender water or Essential Oil also helps relax and soothe mind and sleep.
  • Reading a book. 
  • Closing all electronic devices an hour before bed calms the mind down. 
  • Dim the lights of the room and relax.
  • Meditation, yoga and light exercises can also help.
  • Regular exercises helps regulate the body mechanism. 
  • Eating a light dinner two hours before bed helps too. 
  • Avoid lot of fluids in the evenings. 
These are the regular tricks which help but now I have some more to add to. So, check them out :)


Hinduism has so many chants and hymns and almost all children are supposed to learn some of them. Similarly, all other religions would have their own prayers. When you are ready to go to bed, lie down and chant or say those prayers. It really helps. I have been trying this since three four days and its been helping me more or less. 
Yes, I have mentioned it above. But, I have also noticed that an exciting book can in fact be a deterrent to proper sleep. So, the trick is to read really boring philosophical books or some thing which is interesting but doesn’t keep you thinking what happens next. 
I am reading a book right now on thought processes and thinking mechanism of humans. Its damn interesting but I can sleep over it. Another trick which I am borrowing from Tine’s blog is listening to audio books or reading really boring subjects. 
Well, listening to audio books is not high on my list coz having any electronic device at that times causes chaos in my mind. But, yes, reading a really boring book is an anti-dote. In fact, recently, I laid down my hand on a book which is very negative and pessimistic and trust me, I am hating it so much that I sleep 😀
Lights OFF
Yes, I have mentioned it. But, don’t underestimate the power of darkness to induce yourself to sleep. Sleeping with eye masks on is also a great idea as it forces you to close your eyes and drift gently. Well, I have not tried it yet so can’t really say how much it works. But, yup, its a trick which I will try soon :) Btw, darkness thing works!!

Oh my gosh!!! This is so relaxing. Switch off the lights, take a bottle of oil or lotion and massage your legs or hands or whatever and you will feel sleepy. It really works like a charm. And, keeps the skin really soft and moisturized. So, added benefits :)

Ok, not candles exactly but a warm room really helps a person sleep. So, you might want to adjust the temperature of your room if you have a thermostat. But, I would say, instead, light a candle because it harmonizes a place. A tea light candle would also do.

So, these are my tricks which really help sleep. Btw, lavender thing doesn’t really work for me. But, you can always give it a try!! So, what are your tricks to sleep easily???


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