Where to buy photo frames?

Hi All!!! Hope everything is going well with you :) So, I needed help if you know any great website where I can get photo frames for decent prices? Any help would be really appreciated. Even if you can guide me where to get them in Hyderabad, preferably Cyberabad area, it would be really helpful!!! There is one photoexpress.in which is really good. You might wanna check it out. If you know any other site, I am waiting eagerly :)


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      actually I am looking for collage frames…range is dependant on whether I like them or not!!! simple and sophisticated. any idea where archies is located in hitech or madhapur area…the only archies i know is in himayatnagar and its way too far for me :(

    • Padmaja says

      ohh..not sure if Archies has collage frames…
      there is an Archies store nearby Madhapur police station…there should be an Airtel office besides that…I never checked this store though…

      that site is also nice…

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      yup that’s what…never saw such frames there…the photoexpress is probably the kodak shop only…they have one in inorbit in case you wanna know 😀 going there on weekend to look for some. lets see if I find any other alternatives to check out for :)

  1. nami says

    i know one but that’s in khan market, delhi and not online either..:( but it has a fantastic collection of all framing work- whether it’s pictures, posters, notes and cards

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      great Nami, do tell me the exact shop name or address…I will definitely be going to khan market this time to check out the kama store so will check this out as well :)

  2. nami says

    its CAPItAL ART GALLERY..dont know your budget but do check out:)and yes You must visit the kama store. It’s lovely,i loved it.when you enter the place you get such a calm kind of feeling ..try to drop in on wednesday and friday for free consultation with their doctor:)

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