Walk softly and quietly {Grooming}

Yes, we shall start on grooming lessons. I thought this would make an interesting series for all to read. The idea came to me when I observed that one of the girls staying with me always makes noise while walking up and down the stairs. Well, when you are wearing slippers, its pretty obvious, it will make noise. 

But, I have also noticed that many people tend to drag their feet while walking. Now, that’s a habit I love to do occasionally for fun and my mom shouts on me. Yes, its ingratiating on other’s nerves who listen to your dragging footwear. And, not only that, the way you walk tells a lot about your personality. 
No one like clip-clopping heels or noisy steps. In fact, it makes you look careless, slouchy and irresponsible. Yes, you might look elegant and sophisticated but once people listen to the way you walk, everything goes out of window. So, don’t make people listen to the way you walk, let them just watch!

This becomes even more important in a professional environment. Get your heels fitted with rubber soles. Or, choose a lighter footwear which doesn’t make noise. Flipflops make lot of noise so watch out where you are wearing them. Don’t try to turn attention to the kind of shoes you are wearing by the way you walk!! That’s not flattering at all. Not even in a party.

I did read that clicking heels sound and look authoritative and the mark of a POWERFUL WOMAN. Ok, not in my opinion (unless you own a fashion magazine or some such thing, no bias or sarcasm to fashion world but that’s where clicking heels sound good for me, remember The Devil Wears Prada??) but that’s my problem!! And, the heels have to click in sync and rhythmic and calming manner for that POWERFUL impression so do practice how to walk properly in them.

So, do you walk lightly or heavily or love to make noise when walking? I, for myself, like to walk softly. I don’t like to be centre of attention ever. I’m more of a sneaking-into-the-corner kind of girl.


  1. Padmaja says

    I too get irritated with noise that comes out of walking…well, a lil noise will be there with most footwear…but the walking style adds to it and sometimes it’s really irritating…more than noise it’s dragging feet that irritates me more…
    Once I remember, my new footwear were ok otherwise, but were making tuk tuk sound on the office tiles…I avoided getting up from my chair to the extent possible ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      yup little noise is unavoidable and for that i totally love my floaters…they are so silent.
      yup, me too when i realize my footwear makes a lot of clicking noise, i try to keep myself tied to te chair and totally avoid the stairs!!

  2. Roshni says

    More lessons please !!!
    I like walkng softly .. though my heels do make a bit of noise in office due to no carpets. But thats the case with everyone’s shoes in this new office that we have moved to .. so I am forgiven :)

    • says

      i was a bit skeptical on continuing on these lines coz i can really be the last person to talk about that ๐Ÿ˜€ but, let me try :)
      hehe…none of the offices here are carpeted…and, its irritating for me to hear the clack clack but many shoes do and the worst part is that some of them are not even those pencil heels, instead they are the platform or weird block heels which make really horrible noise :(
      btw, is your office generally carpeted???

    • Roshni says

      We moved to this new office just a while back. The old office at Andheri was carpeted. So moving here and adjusting to the noise was a bit of a hassle for everyone here. We tried to talk to management, but the problem is with the landlord of the building who wont let us put carpets!!! Weird! (Most of our offices are carpeted – even the Japan one where I was for 6 months. So coming from there and hearing the clack clack was too much :( )

    • says

      oh that’s really weird!! what’s that guy gotta do with carpeting…yup, its irritating especially when you are concentrating and some with really high and block heels comes and snaps your attention.
      you know i have issue with people tying really hard as well…its so irritating to hear the keys go tak tak tak ๐Ÿ˜€ guess, I’m very particular!!!

    • Roshni says

      ๐Ÿ˜€ .. its understandable .. most people like to work in a peaceful environment without the tak tak of heels or keys :)

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