Vivel Active Essentials 3-in-1 Face Wash + Scrub {Product Review}

Vivel Active Essentials face wash at Perfect Skin Care for you

Price: Rs 105 for 100ml

cleanses the face really well
jojoba beads provide mild exfoliation
not meant for all skin types even if it says all kind types
leaves my skin a bit dry sometimes
jojoba beads don’t get washed off properly
has SLS!!
My Experience
Vivel Active Essentials face wash at Perfect Skin Care for you

The product is a beautiful pearly blue in color with blue jojoba beads for exfoliation. The beads are not harsh on the skin but for me, the exfoliation wasn’t enough. It doesn’t help with the blackheads. The product last quite long, little being enough for every time. It lathers quite well and cleanses really well.

The face does look a bit brighter after using it. But, I do feel my skin is getting dry so probably it will suit only oily skin people and not dry. As I said earlier, my skin gets dry as the climate gets cooler, a drying face wash doesn’t exactly help!! I love the color of the product, the pale blue.
So, did you use it? Do share what you think about it!
PS: Product sent by brand.
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  1. Coral Crue says

    wow, it looks so pretty in that glass jar. maybe i would like all facewashes to come in such jars. what an awesome idea, Swati!!

  2. Manju says

    hi swathi,i don’t know whether my thinking is correct or not,but you must help me in this,and my question is….
    I am 4th month pregnant,i want to give birth to a healthy and fair skin baby,so please suggest me some food habits that helps me to give birth to fair skin baby,i know that it depends on genes but wanna try something,waiting for your answer

    • says

      hi Manju…sorry for the late reply. eat a lot of coconut and lots of coconut water. i have heard that it helps with fair baby. also, saffron and turmeric also helps a lot :) hope this helps :)

  3. Roshni says

    Hi Swati .. since this is a product review, thought I would just mention my experience with the first soulflower soap that I used – Pink for skin .. I really like it though I avoid using it on my face as it tends to make my face dry. Otherwise, it is really good.

    Thanks for this product review. But I wont be trying it since I want SLS free products. I plan to order the Organic Surge daily face wash .. it contains rose geranium oil and is free of all chemicals. Have you tried it?

    • says

      yup, the soaps should be avoided coz they do make the faces dry…i have tried it with one of the SOS organics soap!!! me too now badly wanna try SLS free products ONLY….btw, do lemme know about the OS face wash…i have been planning since long for OS but the cost really hurts!!!

    • Roshni says

      True .. OS face wash is pricey, though flipkart is giving a good discount on it. From what I have read in other reviews, the face wash lasts long, so I am hoping that will compensate for the cost. Will let you know how the face wash works out once I get it.

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