5 Tips for Lip Care {Five Series}

Few days back some one had asked me about remedies from pigmentation around the lips. So, lets check out a few ways, I found my lips to remain soft and pink all time :) All the same skin care rules apply so don’t forget your lips next time!! All these tips help me to prevent pimented and chapped lips both.
Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize
Very important. Keep a lip balm at your side all the time. Ok, I do have a little reservation on applying a lip balm in a room full of people, especially males. How do you exactly deal with that type of situation? Would really appreciate some tips.
And, don’t forget to apply lip balm every time you drink or eat something, especially if you are no fan of lipsticks. Honestly, I have never applied any lipstick in life and I don’t have any idea how they stay on even after you eat something.

Sun Protection 
Oh yes, lips are way thinner than your skin and do not have any natural sun protection built in them. They do not have melanin so they can’t protect themselves against sun rays. So, I keep a spf 15 lip balm from Nivea around me all time. If you get a higher spf, go for it.

Yes, they also need exfoliation. And, protection after that!! So, don’t forget to use your sugar scrub next time on your lips as well and see your lips become so soft and pinky pinky πŸ˜‰ Or, you can also use your tooth brush just after you finish brushing. 

Cleanse that Color
You do make it a point to remove all your makeup and sunscreen but do you remember to remove that lipstick or lipbalm? I do make sure to remove it and if I am using oil to cleanse my sunscreen, it also helps in making my lips soft and oil also prevents the chapping of the lips.

More water you drink, more your lips stay hydrated and pink. Does it ever happen to you that reading drink more water sends a signal to your brain and your hand automatically gets stretched to the water bottle? It does happen with me. Now that I am writing it, I am stopping in between to gulp a mouthful of water πŸ˜€

And, last word, don’t overdo anything because lips are really sensitive and they get chapped really fast on mishandling. So, what do you do for your lips? How do you prevent pigmentation and discoloration of your lips?


  1. Roshni says

    Thanks for this post, Swati. I have super dry lips and last week I was in Kutch for 5 days and you can imagine what the dry weather there did to my lips :(

    I like the Nivea lip balm. But after reading about the uses of Roghan Badam Shirin on your blog, I only use that on my lips. I find it much more effective than lip balms (though no SPF). I keep a portion of the oil in a small toner bottle that I have and carry it around with me. And regarding applying lip balm in front of others, well .. I stopped paying attention to others and apply whenever required .. let people stare πŸ˜€

    • says

      oh wow…you went for a vaca??? how was it??? is it worth going?? do tell em everything na??
      yup, rogan badam is really awesome but carrying it is an issue. wow…good yaar. I’m trying to finish the ones I got for reviews πŸ˜€
      haha, true…sometimes its better not to think about people!!!

    • Roshni says

      Hey Swati, I went to Bhuj for attending a school inauguration, and then later roamed round in Bhuj. But October is a really hot month to be in Kutch. Better to go after Nov when the desert becomes cool :)

    • says

      are waah…you go for inaugurations??? what do you do??? that’s got me really curious πŸ˜€ sorry if you feel offended!!
      yup, its better to go after November but then it becomes REALLY cold over there :)

    • Roshni says

      Hey .. I have no problems with your questions :) .. I am a simple office worker. I went for the inaugration because the school had been constructed by my father’s friend. And my mom enjoyed shopping in Bhuj so much that we are planning to go there again in December πŸ˜€ – for both shopping and sight-seeing.

  2. Pranali says

    i had pinky pinky lips till i started drinking coffee..
    does mustard oil in belly button really work? then am totally trying it..

  3. says

    i make it a point to not use tinted balms, coz the men in the room think i am putting on lipstick and keep staring. i also find carrying a jar of lipbalm and using my finger to apply the balm a lot easier. i feel it is a lot more subtle to do.

    • says

      yup, using finger is a little subtle but i always smirch it around my lips!! yup, I’m too clumsy :(
      ya, donno why men are so weird!!! a guy asks me why do you put makeup…i was like excuse me?? one thing i don’t and een if i do, what’s his deal???

  4. nami says

    i have never suffered from pigmentation and discoloration of lips but for keeping my lips hydrated i Put a drop of mustard oil in
    belly button before sleeping..IT WORKS

  5. Anonymous says

    my lips are genetically pigmented.. damn… nothing works on them…. i will probably do a lip tatto when i have the money lol….

    • says

      i would suggest all the above steps and you can mix the sugar with lemon juice to help with depigmentation and then follow with almond oil…it really helps in removing the tan and dark areas on the lips and around them :)

  6. Sai remya says

    i use bodyshop products for lip balm … and during nite i use beet root juice will it help in improving the colour of my lips … and help me out with good remedies for improving my complexion

  7. AbΓ©lia says

    I find it interesting that lips are thinnner that your skin and don’t have any natural sun protection built in them. I see why it is so important to take good care of your lips. Thank you for your tips for lip care. I’ll try to remember to exfoliate and moisturize my lips often!

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