5 Tips for Autumn and Winter Skin Care {Five Series}

So, winter is almost at the door step and autumn has already made the air pretty dry. The climate of Hyderabad is dry and it just gets more and more drier and sitting in AC doesn’t really help!!! Couple of days back, I felt my skin was getting stretchy even after applying loads of moisturizers. So, how did I overcome that? Check out.

Good Cleanser

A gentle, SLS-free cleanser has really helped with the hydration levels of my skin. Recently, I tried out an SLS-based face wash for review purposes and I was amazed at the difference it made to my skin. My skin felt dried up and starved of moisture.

Hydrating Moisturizer

I did realize in this entire process that simply using loads of moisturizer doesn’t really help. A hydrating moisturizer is the need of the day. So, I used my trusted aloevera gel and it worked!!! Yup, try to get a water-based gel moisturizers. There are loads in the market, especially, from big brands.


Yes, something which I have NOT been doing but its extremely important. Dead skin cells are more during colder and drier months so a hydrating scrub is very effectively in preserving the lipid barriers of the skin. Raw Sugar or Jaggery works out the best for me.


Yes, I know you are afraid of oils but not oils are really oily and using correct amount of oil is very necessary. A drop or two is generally enough. And, there are loads of facial and body oils these days which do wonders for the skin.

My recommendation would be a drop or two of Apricot Oil which goes on skin like silk and makes skin amazingly soft and NO grease either. I do wanna use other amazing oils like rosehip and such and will report back after I use them ๐Ÿ˜‰ And, by the way, the oily skin gals can also use oils.


This is one of the tips which is really effective. Sometimes, products used can be ineffective on their own, especially for dry skins!!! So, layering helps a lot. I do that sometimes for both my face and body. The aloevera gel goes first and then I use a drop or two of any facial oil. Similarly, a body oil coupled with a great body lotion helps the body.
Please remember that all the above tips apply all over the body and not just the exposed parts. So, follow them and enjoy the soft skin this winters :) And, I am so excited for winters. Its my favorite-st climate ๐Ÿ˜€ How do you keep your skin protected in winters?
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  1. Pranali says

    i am using Lush AOBS as a exfoliater cum cleanser and my skin is loving it! i also massage the body using sesame oil before bathing.its doesn’t let the skin get dry post bathing!

    • says

      wow..how do you really manage to massage every day….I wake up exactly to have time just to brush and have bath and run!!! and, then, also I am later almost everyday.

  2. says

    I’m already noticing my “winter skin” showing up and it’s only October! I’ve been trying to counter it as much as I can before it sinks in. One thing I’m trying that a girlfriend put me onto was Rosehip Oil. I’ve been loving it so far!

  3. says

    This is Kirti, Can you suggest me a few Sls free cleansers. By mentioning aloe vera gel do you mean the fresh one from the leaf or the market one from patanjali?

    • says

      one is auravedic cleanser but it hurts the eyes…you can check out on naturalmantra website…they have a lot of brands. no, the aloevera gel i use is rustic art one. the fresh one can’t be applied as moisturizer…it has to be used like a mask and i didn’t like the patanjali one.

    • says

      well Reena, you need to check out various brands for that to find out which will suit you….I can suggest rustic art aloevera gel but that’s not for day use and there is this lotus white glow emulsion which is good for combi skin so you can check that. I am using it currently. clinique has a moisturizer – dramatically different or some name and H2O also has one moisturizer – some sea minerals or algae name – which is gel based so you can check them out.

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