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Hey All!!! Are you a newbie blogger? Or, an aspiring writer? Or, may be anyone who is trying to succeed in anything in life? Well, I am sure we can all connect to all these things above. So, this is a link to the most amazing inspiring article. Do give it a read. And, never forget persistence is the only key to success. Please find the article here.


  1. Roshni says

    Thank you Swati, for sharing this with us. I plan to read all the entries at this blog .. it is very inspirational and the article you have linked is something in which I believe personally, but sometimes it gets hard to continue believing. So thank you .. by reading this, I can continue believing.

  2. says

    thnks swati tis is exactly i was askin u in my last comment to impart us some knwledge i mean i trully loved the post i was feelin a little low and trust me its rt everything happens for a reason

    i believe in tat so much now a days with my life some one once told me tat ” gud things happen to ppl who wait”

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