Shampoo on Dry Hair {Hair Care}

This is probably one of the really good tips of hair care. Basic chemistry states that oil and water do not mix together. So, this principle applies when wahing off hair as well. If you wet the oiled hair or even non-oiled hair (it has natural oils), the shampoo doesn’t react well with it and the hair more or less remains dirty. 

Since commercial shampoos are filled with surfactants, they are strong enough to clean the hair but the SLS-free shampoos generally end up not cleaning the hair properly. So, how to use the shampoo on dry hair? Take a dollop or two of your shampoo in a small container and add just a fist ful of water to it. Dilute it nicely and shampoo your hair just as you would.
Always try to shampoo twice if your hair does get exposed to lot of sun and pollution. First wash only cleans the scalp partly and the second it to make the scalp squeaky clean. And, by squeaky clean, I don’t really mean that it should squeak but a clean scalp and hair is very important for healthy hair. If you tend to stay inside more, one wash is generally enough and you can do it twice in once a week.
So, don’t forget this tip next time you hop into the shower. It generally happens with me that I remember this when I pour water over my head so don’t make that mistake ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. says

    Nice tip..dry hair meaning water which is not wet..
    Any way to combat actual dry hair?Sitting in the ac for atleast 8 hrs a day has made my hair dry and lifeless.
    I really don’t know what to do.I don’t even find time to wash my hair often:(I heard that The Nature’s Co Sandalwood Hair Cleanser cum Conditioner is really good. But the price yaar..Its too much..

    • says

      wow…you actually put up a good topic….didn’t realize that AC dries off the hair as well ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, you are right even my hair becomes dry.
      nature’s co has not yet interested me as a brand but I will check it out next time I am in Delhi. yup, its quite expensive for a brand. I would any suggest you to always use a hair cleanser and a conditioner separately. the 2-in-1 products are rarely good. will think about the topic and let you know :)

  2. ife says

    i do this all the time… a salon guy told me this tip.. but he said this tip to use on oiled hair. this cuts down shampoo usage but takes off oil well.. :)

  3. Roshni says

    Hey .. not sure I completely understood. So what this means is that when going for a bath, instead of pouring water over my hair, I should instead make the shampoo watery and directly apply to dry hair (whether oiled or not)and then rinse off .. is that right?

    Thanks for the tip. Will do this now onwards :)

    • Roshni says

      Yes it worked :) .. Thankfully for me, just one shampoo is enough to remove oil and clean hair. But with this trick, hair felt more squeaky clean.

      BTW, I know this might sound funny, but I find castor oil easier to remove from hair than almond oil. Usually, I have heard complaints about removing castor oil. But I use castor oil 90% of the time, and no problems in removing it with just one wash :)

    • says

      yup, it really works…two times is recommended if your hair is exposed to a lot of dust and pollution otherwise its fine :) I always scratch my scalp after the wash to see if my scalp is clean or not ๐Ÿ˜€
      btw, you shouldn’t use castor oil neat on the skin or scalp…since its too concentrated, it does dry out the area. mix it with some carrier oil and then use. btw, how do you wash if off in one wash??? its too thick na!!

    • Roshni says

      Hey .. thanks for the tip. I mix castor oil with Roghan Badam shirin these days :)

      Yes I know castor oil is very thick .. but I manage to remove it in one wash because a) I only apply to scalp, b) I apply sufficient shampoo to scalp and massage properly for a couple of minutes. This helps to remove the castor oil in one wash.

  4. Anonymous says

    Does this shampoo have SLS/SLES? I have been meaning to get in touch with the company but no one replies on this matter.

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