Rustic Art Algae Organic Bathing Soap {Product Review}

Rustic Art Algae Organic Bathing Soap at Perfect Skin Care for you

Price: Rs 155 for 100gms

Rustic Art Algae Organic Bathing Soap at Perfect Skin Care for you

just like all handmade soaps, gentle on skin and doesn’t leave skin stretched
can be used easily on a baby as well 
doesn’t melt so easily and does last around a month with two usages per day
not as moisturizing as it says
My Experience
I totally love natural handmade soaps and love to try out various different ones so this one was on my radar since I got Rustic Art products for review. The usage of Algae made me curious to check it out. But, the soap is nothing in fancy in looks. In fact, its a dull dark brown in color and no fragrance at all. 
As it says “an ultimate moisturizer”, I thought it would leave my skin really soft and not very dry. It didn’t leave my skin dry at all nor did my skin feel stretched even if I forgo the moisturizer but I do feel one needs to moisturize immediately afterwards. I felt as if the Algae did nothing extra!!
Ok, it will be unfair to say any product should be doing a double duty and moisturizing is a routine one must not forgo in any case. Surprisingly, the product didn’t melt as soon as I feared it would. It did last me around a month of good usage. The best part of the product is it is organic but I do feel its expensive as well. 
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  1. nami says

    hey you read my mind,i was about to ask you about this soap..even the mention of algae also intrigues me particularly wakame algae

  2. Pranali says

    for the longest time ever i have been looking for powdered kelp/seaweed or a face pack containing them. pls let me know if u come across any! ur soap reviews always temp me. i wanna try sum chocolate/coffee soap now!

  3. Roshni says

    Hi Swati. I told you a couple of weeks back that I ordered soulflower soaps after being inspired by you :) .. Well, my husband just called to say they are going to be delivered tonight (bought from fashionandyou) .. Am so excited!!! .. will use them and let you know how they are :)

    Will also try the Rustic Art soaps once I am done with these.. thanks!

    • Roshni says

      I bought Pink for Skin (2), Rosemary Lavender (1) and Rose Geranium (1). Have started with Pink for Skin. Will let you know how its works after a couple of weeks.

  4. Anonymous says

    Rustic Art if you are reading this please clear my confusion as what the meaning of Fine fragrances is? From what i have researched on the internet fragrances used in bodycare products always means synthetic. Why dont you use the word essential oils if it is natural?

    • says

      ‘Fine fragrances’ here means ‘fine fragrances of essential oils’. We are glad that you have raised this query. It only means that there are users like you who are informed and sensitive to these things.

      We assure you that there are NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES used in any of Rustic Art products. We will mention ‘fine fragrance of essential oils’ in the packaging from the next batch. We value your suggestion.

      Thank you for writing to us through Swati’s blog.

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