My Hair Diaries – August + September 2012

My Hair Diary for September at Perfect Skin Care for you
that’s my hair after the hair spa…totally loving my curls :)

So, another month gone and we are fast approaching 2013. How time flies, right? Anyways, you might have noticed the missing hair diary of August. That was because I had completely ignored my hair in August and my hair was all rough and dry.

What I did in August?
Honestly, I am not able to recall what I did with my hair in August. But, I am pretty sure, I had completely ignored my hair. Anyway, I did go for hair cut on 31st August. And, I did finish off some left over products like Biotique Flame of the Forest and Kama Brigandi Oil. Had been using the Kamini shampoo only and finished the Dove Color Rescue Conditioner. Yup, I am not doing any DIY on my hair right now :(
What about September?
  • I had to start with the Kamini treatment I was doing again because my hair was all rough and dry and I wanted it to be a little better. I had been more or less consistent with it.
  • Got TWO hair spas done this month. Second one was way better than the first but still I think it was too much. But, yup, I am up for at least once a month pampering for hair. In fact, already planned a hair spa (and, the real spa) for this month :)
  • No DIY again!!! But, one of the girls told me to apply egg every week on at least the scalp. So, guess, will be starting with that. 
  • Oh, totally forgot to write about my another hair cut on 30th September. Got almost two inches off. My mom would be shocked ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Had to trim coz there were a lot of splits. 
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  1. nami says

    curls are looking lovely swati..are these curls natural?how do you find brigandi oil.i just love this oil,it does treat scalp problems

  2. Anonymous says

    hey swati….

    gr8 blog…thax a lot 4tht….i wanna know that i am 28 and my hair is getting grey… you think kaminni aunty’s produch can help me?

  3. Roshni says

    Hey Swati, your natural curls are beautiful :) .. now turn the other way so we can see your face :-p

    I am waiting desperately for the soul tree shampoo review. Please review it soon.

  4. says

    i am having hair trouble… loads and loads of them falling down daily and my hair line is receeding and frontal balding is so prominent… i tried everything with the dermatologist can you please tell which product specifically helped you

    thank you plus any tips and advice for me

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