My dilemma with becoming a mother {Women Stuff}

Hey, Nidhi. I am Punam and read your comment on becoming mother dilemma so thought of sharing my experience. To be a mother is always a huge responsibility and even I had loads of confusion when I was about to be a mother.

In my situation, it was all our decision to have a baby and others saying its too early because we had been married for only a year and half!! I was afraid of the responsibilities and wanted to learn how to run and take care of home before I became a mom.

Those days, even though ours was a love marriage, we used to have enough heated discussions to make me reluctant to go for a baby. I always used to think that excess of arguments between me and my husband means there is less understanding and that’s not good for the baby.

In a nut shell, I wanted to have a few years for ourselves to understand each other before we expanded the family. But, then, the question came to whether the disagreements would ever end? I mean howsoever much you might love or understand a person, everyone has their own opinion.

Me and my mom also fight till date even though we have a 27 year old relationship not considering her being my mom fact!! First Advantage: Our relationship and understanding improved with the baby. Second Advantage: Kids become THE ultimate excuse

I always used to have this complaint that I will have no time for myself after having a baby. But, the truth is I have more time myself now as I have everybody to help me and they give me my own space. I have more servants now to help me because they think I have more work.

If you tend to be a little on the late side for social events and really hate having to iron, guess what? You have a built-in excuse for tardiness, slovenly dressing, and a whole host of other things. “Sorry, but with the baby and all, it’s practically impossible to [fill in the blank].” Hell, you’ll even get to leave boring parties early! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

So, these are a few things which I found changed after having my little angel :) Hope, this helps you. I do have few other things to mention in another post. So, watch out for that. And, in the meanwhile, you can always visit my own blog. I recently did an EOTD and a post on bumps after waxing!!
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  1. says

    hey i have a question i called some one self obsessed( i have one of my frnd who is like always praising herself lke she is some kind of supernatural and very intelligent person so out of frustration i said tat now i dnt knw if it was right so opinion ppl wht is the rt word to use for such haughty,arrogant and always praising themselves

    i knw it is way out of context.

    • says

      i donno what to call them but honestly its wrong….i know there are many people who love talking about themselves but why do you need to point that out…sorry to be blunt!!! there are a lot of people in this world and we can’t get along with all but that doesn’t give us the right to judge others.

  2. says

    i knw i was wrong but it was over the limit it wasnt me tat i said she was actually demeaning ppl a lot and i felt like takin a stnd

    no worries u were not blunt

  3. bebeautiful withpunam says

    fatima i m completely like u , i mean i do take stand & say very straight frwardly sbout wat i think , at times i think i shouldnt be so but i can t stop my self esp. if sum1 is hurting others & that too intentionally, but the other aspect is that we cant change others unless they are close to u & understand ur views, we can only change ourselves,

  4. bebeautiful withpunam says

    It’s all my pleasure nidhi . i am really glad to know you liked my post ..i know ppl say so.. but i am not at all unhappy coz of my baby & ok i accept she troubles me a lot coz she is damn naughty but that makes me more happy & dont we all love naughty kids ..
    plz dont go withh the ppl , do what ur heart says & be happy with whatevr decision u take
    God bless you..

    sure i am coming with more post

  5. nidhi says

    thank you punam for this post .. i specially wanted to know all the positives of having a baby ( cos negativies everyone goes blabbering about – which even made me think if people are so unhappy why do they have babies and strangely..someone who has one baby goes for second also .. i was confused )
    but thanx for the postivies and looking fwd to your next post :):)

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