Keep your surroundings clean!! {Environment}

Ok, this is no beauty post but I really don’t want to preach anything coz I do not generally follow what I preach but I have seen somethings which really affect me to a very huge extent so just wanted to discuss about that. Please do not think it is to criticize some one. 
We are all human beings and live in a community. This becomes even more important when we are living in a hostel or with strangers. Family always tends to adjust so we can be a little lenient or lazy. But, I have also noticed that people tend to be more responsible at home than outside which is pretty strange. 
So, this is about utensils. I live in a hostel kind of a place where there is a central kitchen and dinner is served like a buffet and we are supposed to serve ourselves. Many people take their dinners and go into their rooms and have food over there. No issues there. 
But, when it comes to putting the plates back into just the sink, people become too lazy and leave the plates outside their rooms rotting with all the leftovers till the servants come and pick those plates up (which is generally next day afternoon)!! I mean would you really leave plates unattended like that at your home?

No, right? Then, why outside? Aren’t you living there? I mean you are gonna breathe the same air every time you come outside your room and eat int he very same plates next day and day after, right? Those insects crawling on those leftovers are gonna probably get inside your rooms as well and make the entire place stink!!

And, its not as if its a once in a blue moon thing. It happens everyday. When you are not well, one can understand but why such irresponsibility when you are hale and hearty and CAN WALK. Trust me, many people lack that luxury. This is something which you might even witness or remember if you have lived in hostels!!

Its really sad that people do not realize such a simple thing just because of sheer laziness. The worst part of everything is that one can’t simply walk up to those people and say anything because you never know how people will react. I wish I knew a simple way to solve this issue.  

Don’t we make a hue and cry when we see bad food being served or hygiene not being maintained??? Then, why do we make the very mistake when it comes to our turn? Honestly, it irritates me to eat in the very plates. I am planning to get my own plate and wash it myself!!!  

In fact, I did try to tell one of the girls with whom I talk a bit more. But, I hate to say this honestly, but, damn, she is unhygienic ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t help myself. I am sorry guys ๐Ÿ˜€ Please forgive me. Anyways, the response to my statement was simply that the servant would take the plate next day.

Should I really stand up for it? Or, should I let it continue just coz I don’t want to mess with some strangers?? Waiting for your answers!!


  1. Anonymous says

    swati u should stand out for it no matter what other people think of u but in a polite way. U can convince them by showing how unhygienic it is. I m sure they will understand if they want to stay healthy.

  2. Purple Angel says

    its quite diffiicult 2 mke undastnd each n evry gurl who’s doin such stufs. bt u cn complain ur head of hstl 2 brng dwn sm chngs in rules o so…
    o els idea of keepin ur plates is beta if nothn’s done…

  3. says

    hey swati i knw how u feel but trust me u dnt want to do tat unless u have some other ppl who think the same way then in a grp u shd try dnt try to point alone. Some ppl dnt take critics way to sportingly.

    yes u can just try tellin to the maid servant or warden abt tis and ask her to talk abt it, like ask maid to explain the girls bcz then they will understnd but comin frm u it might not b such a gud idea

    please dnt think otherwise, i dnt want ppl to take u the wrong way.and for time being just buy a plate and glass of yr own and tell u really liked it and so u bought and u dnt want to share like i suppose we get plates with our fav cartoon or stuff, in this way u can be hygenic too till the problem is solved and why become bad its not like u are goin to stay there for ever its just for sometime.

    • says

      ya, i already ave my own plates and glasses for now, even some utensils and pans (which i had from earlier place) and all but khane ka i don’t have…i’ll get them soon :)

  4. Pranali says

    if it is bothering you,then u must speak to the caretaker about it.. if a rule is made to not keep ur plates unattended,all will follow then..
    i personally can’t stand the sight of dirty plates..

    • says

      yup, I’ll talk to the guy!!! actually, its not exactly a hostel but a PG so things become difficult!!! didn’t write PG in the post…hopefully few will read these comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Padmaja says

    Well, I too lived in hostels but never had this type of problem… may be because we had our own plates and water bottle and even a tea glass or cup …
    I too don’t like getting into issues with strangers….but if it’s bothering you, you need to tell them you are having a problem…if they are unrelenting, u need to take up the issue with your hostel warden…

    problem or not, I would suggest you to get your own plate and bottle…

    • says

      wow…that place was nice yaar…even i have my own utensils and wash them myself but then i have to live in the same flat na!!! i hate to be a complaint girl but i don’t really know why people don’t understand such a simple issue!!!

    • Padmaja says

      I changed quite a few hostels …everywhere it’s my own plate and stuff….but hostels have many issues ….when I was changing hostels and going to various hostels to check them, some places really scared me …once I gave my deposit amount and changed the hostel after staying just a day …

    • says

      oh is it??? I never saw that thing in either of the two hostels and other PG’s I lived in!! but, then, i lived in college hostels only and PG always provide everything!!!
      why were you scared???

    • Padmaja says

      some places just give u negative vibes… and the place I vacated in a day… all ppl. who maintained the place looked like characters straight out of a RGV movie …and food no words …beyond horrible …

    • says

      hehe…yup, the places do carry vibes!!! good that you left it then otherwise you would have surely gone mad!!! i have lived in one such place for 5 years!!! i know how it is :)

  6. Coral Crue says

    oh, this is such a useful post as I used to stay in hostel. there was this girl who lived opposite me and she would borrow my utensils like a frying pan. she wouldn’t return it for weeks and when i would ask her, she would give it back to me dirty, stained with oil and whatever she cooked in it would be stuck to it….disgusting!!!! Swati, I swear, I can’t believe people don’t have the basic manners to return someone else’s vessel in the way they borrowed it. your post is so apt. I hope people read it and get some senses.

    • says

      hey Coral….OMG!!! yup, some people really lack it that’s why the post is aimed to make them understand that staying in a community means everyone has to do a bit of job. and, why not follow the same rules one would when they stay at home??? I mean they are living there, right, whether permanently or temporarily. after all, we don’t really live permanently anywhere…everything is a phase of life!!!

  7. Shoppingaholic says

    I have lived in a PG flat, and I know what it feels like. Sorry but I used to tell everyone in face that this doesn’t look good and even a pig cleans the place and then sits and eats… despite of being a rotten food eater itself. So why not you guys? It worked on 2 out of 6 girls. For remaining 6, our landlord took stand but I did not want to make it a scene.

    In your case-

    I would have done exactly the same.

    • says

      me too thinking about asking them finally next time i see them putting the plates outside!!! thing is people think one who is opposing or pointing out something is creating a scene!!!

  8. says

    Hey,i haven’t been to hostel environment yet after reading this post i really feel that you should take the initiative to make them aware of the ill effects they cause not only to themself but also to other fellow people. If educated people start creating nuisance like these what are we to say of the illiterate people.
    And if still things don’t work out you better complain to the respective authority about this.
    Seriously i can’t stand to see such things happening,its really sad!!

    • says

      hey aswathy, even i used to think that educated people do all that stuff is just too bad!! but, actually, its not true because if you go into villages, you will find decent hygiene depending on people…i think it all boils down to how they like their surroundings to be!!! i have seen illiterates also to maintain great hygiene or for that matter, scheduled caste people also (I don’t want to bring caste but since people are judged by those things in our society) and brahmins to create all ruckus!!!

      so, true, Padmaja!

  9. Anonymous says

    oh that is so disgusting… but swati.. it all comes down to the kind of family they are coming from, the values they have learned at home and also sometimes people are tired after work n studies and just decide to take the easy way out u know…. u need to be really diplomatic believe me… I mean if you like the hostel otherwise dont get other people charged up against you…I thought i was neat and tidy until i went to a hostel and saw how real neatness was.. i had two angelic roommates who were spic and span… but our next door friends were exactly opposites lol.. give hints that cockroaches and bugs are coming from this food decay to your rooms and destroying your clothes etc… better give hints to your landlord itself to make a rule and announcement about this filthy habit…say its breeding bugs n ants and cockroaches and they are biting you etc… Never lend any stuff to unhygenic people..politely lie something…sorry for long comment

  10. Megha says

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