Is your scalp sensitive? {Hair Care}

Ohk, so, on Sunday, I went for another hair cut coz my splits were not eliminated in the August hair cut!! On an impulse, I also got a hair spa done. Yup, I know my last was probably two weeks back only!!! But, that was something which I didn’t really enjoy but this was better and inexpensive as well (when compared to the previous one).

There, I asked the girl to observe and comment on the condition of my scalp so she replied that my scalp is sensitive. I asked her how did she come to know about that. And, this is what she said – 
If you touch your scalp and can feel it to be soft, it is sensitive. The scalp is not soft or supple like skin, in fact its generally hard, but you might feel it to be a little spongy, especially on the areas where you might have had excess of hair fall. You might want to compare your bald spots/hair fall areas to the areas where there is no hair issue at all. Also, if you ever felt that your hair hurts, you are sure to have a sensitive scalp.

I don’t know if this test is actually genuine or not coz I did try to google it out but couldn’t really find any leads on it but yup, there are soft spots on the scalp and hair hurting thing is very much valid. I just wanted to share this information as I found it interesting. So, what do you say? Do you find it creditable or is it just a way to lure the customers? And, did you try to find any soft spots on your scalp? Waiting for your comments so go down and write them away :)


  1. Roshni says

    I guess I have sensitive scalp since my hair hurts. I feel this particularly when I am massaging my scalp while applying oil. Some areas of my scalp really hurt. Is there any solution to this?

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