Is the blog name easy to remember?

Another opinion needed from you all. What do you think about the blog name? Is it easy to remember? Actually, this is more a question for the newer readers because oldies might have got used to it by now ๐Ÿ˜€ So, don’t forget to comment :) Oh btw, another thing is that I have put up pages listing the brands and categories in the navigation bar on the top so you can check those out for easy accessibility of posts of your choice. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. says

    even though i am an old reader but the first time i have visited yr website i just remember perfect.blogspot and i went to google type the stuff and trust it comes up so i really like the name

  2. nami says

    honestly speaking when i first visited this blog i dint liked the name but now am oldie its fine for me as you have already said…..
    so am telling what i had felt when i was new to this blog..sorry if i am being rude

    • says

      haha…y u feeling bad…its ok :) don’t worry!!! I read the comment long back but thought I will reply later but yup I know that the title feels very commercial and not personal but when I had started I couldn’t hit on a better name :( I am just trying to see if its ok to change the brand name!!! lets see and do let me know if you have a nice name in mind ๐Ÿ˜€ I wanted to register a domain so all these questions :)

  3. Pranali says

    ur blog does say perfect ‘skincare’ for you, but its more of everything else and that is good cos it gives the reader variety!
    and for name suggestion- beauty undefined..

    • says

      hmmm…thats a good name, Pranali :) yes, the blog has grown to be much more than just beauty. i wanted to name it healthy living or something but the domain names i thought of are taken!!

  4. Roshni says

    hey Swati .. no problems in remembering the name :) Actually, the first time I visited, I remembered only perfect and Swati Murti .. so I put that in google, and your website came up.

    But given the wide range of topics on which you right, I think the name is limited … “Goodness of nature” (I know it sounds like an ad for milk :D) might be more related to all the topics you cover :) .. Let me know ehat you think!

    • says

      hehe…good that you at least remembered my alias ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, I know the title is very narrow and I do cover a lot about lifestyle as such so I was thinking of rebranding but I am really afraid of doing that in case I lose readers. hehe…goodness of nature is good but i would like the name to reflect something about me. have to rack my brains…I know it wouldn’t come like that and one day it will hit with a flash of lightening…in fact have been racking my brains since 3 years ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Coral Crue says

    I don’t think you will lose readers, you will gain as your blog grows in strength with your lovely articles, if you come up with a very good name that suits your writing, then go ahead, we are all here to support you :) All the best, Swati :)

  6. Padmaja says

    Intially, once or twice I had to recall … after that I bookmarked it :)
    Though the name sounds normal, it is ok for the content of the blog since you write mostly about skin and hair care…

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