Inviting guest posts!!!

This is for all those ladies who want to write for Perfect Skin Care for you. I am not planning on paying on a per post basis but yes, I do have plans to incentivize for the people who would write. But, honestly, I don’t really want you to write for money or any special favors but I would appreciate if you would like to write.

Rest, I can only say that if I get even a tepid response from you all, I would be really grateful :) And, yup, I am finding it difficult to keep up with daily postings so would love it if you could add up to my efforts :) So, don’t forget to mail me at Hoping to hear from you!!


  1. says

    Hey..awesome..always wanted to write:)
    Do u have any specific topics in mind??
    Sorry for the late response..Chennai was under the effects of Cyclone Nilam..(The weather was amazing..we were told to leave work early!!)

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