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Ok, so, as I had discussed a few days back that I wanted to change the name of the blog to something more appropriate, I would like an opinion of you all. I have decided on the name of “Women, Beauty and Health”. How do you think it is? Do let me know in your comments and you can also vote a yes or no if you don’t care to comment in the sidebar. 


  1. says

    I think it might not be a good idea to suddenly change the name of your blog? your blog has been live much longer than mine and i think you’ve got your name established already.

    i’m also always tempted to change the name of my blog (because I hate how it sounds so generic and i was totally lazy when i thought of the name) but when i think about the consequences and the marketing i need to do, i give up. :p

    • says

      yup that’s why i never had the nerve to change but i thought i would take the leap now but your comment has again convinced me not to ๐Ÿ˜€ i know who thinks about the name when starting out!!! i do wish i had named it something appropriate :(
      i totally love how your blog is named :) no its not generic at all, in fact. i think it fits very well.

  2. Anonymous says

    just stumbled on your blog last week. Usually do not comment, BUT, i must stop you….lol. this name is perfect that is why am here. please do not change it.thanks

  3. Roshni says

    I like “perfect skin care for you” better. The name that you have chosen doesnt have the catch that the current name has, at least for me. Hope you dont mind me saying that :)

  4. nami says

    no you are absolutely right ..i asked you few month back to organise a spree and i am still interested but i think we can also plan to make it on cyber monday rather than december …….. Last year they offered 25% off on their entire line on cyber monday..isnt it a thrilling deal?

    • says

      wow…is it??? do one thing follow up their deals and lemme know when they put up the discount….25% is damn good :) in fact drop me a mail giving me ur email id so that we can be in touch :)
      btw, when is cyber monday??? is it a particular day??

    • nami says

      ha ha sound like a true shopaholic.. I postponed some of my shopping plans to wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. its on 26 november this year i guess ..just google it and you will come to know more about it.. and sure will email you

  5. says

    I like how this blog has attracted many readers in such way how it appeals to be convincing. I am a huge fan of beauty products ever since I have found the best solutions to cure my acne as well as scars leaved behind.

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