Hard Water affecting Hair? {Hair Care}

A couple of days back, I received two-three queries as to how to control hair fall due to hard water. When we shift places and go to a new place, hair fall is kinda inevitable. The change in climate, water, air, everything affects the hair. But, water is the most common reason for damaged hair texture and hair fall. You can not make the water soft so what you can do is try out a few tricks which might help. 

Use mineral water or boiled water only
This is the most common way to soften the water. Using the water from the mineral water bottles. But, honestly, affording that much is not exactly easy. But, more often than not, you will definitely find aqua guards at the water taps. So, use that water and remember to have enough of aqua guard water in reserve while having shower.

This is something which you can easily do when you are staying in a hostel. More often than not, hostels have bore well water which is extremely hard and harsh on the hair. Boiled water also helps but the problem is having enough of water which has been boiled and cooled down for the reserve. You will probably need 4-5 buckets ๐Ÿ˜€
Shower Filters
I have read a lot about them that they can help filter out certain chemicals right from the tap or the showers so you might use them. Apparently, there are a lot of varieties of shower filters available but the problem is availability. I don’t know if they are as easily available and affordable and not overtly expensive. But, you can try going around the bathroom accessory shops. 
Use Deep Conditioning Treatments Regularly
Unfortunately, the hard water makes the hair much like straw. So, deep conditioning treatments are very important. Invest in salon range products for regular usage and go for egg and yogurt treatments once a week, if possible. Also, a monthly hair spa does help, provided you can afford it. Also, make sure, you are doing hot oil treatment regularly. 

Make sure there is No Residue
Make sure you do not use any styling tools and products because they can create a lot of residue. If you do, don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo or add a tea spoon of vinegar once a month to your shampoo and wash your hair. And, avoid chemical treatments like rebonding and coloring till you are sure your hair has accommodated to the change.
I know I have not answered the question on how to prevent the hair fall but honestly, its something which one can’t do unless the hair has accommodated to the change. Using an SLS-free shampoo might help. What do you think? How do you deal with hard water? And, how do you manage your hair in hard water? Looking forward to your tips :)


    • says

      i haven’t ever used aquaguard water coz i never had patience but i know one of my corridor mates used to do!!! i always used to wonder how she had so much of patience but her hair was really nice and guess she got it rebonded as well coz it was extra straight and smooth so she had to take good care of it :)

  1. Roshni says

    Thankfully during my hostel days, I did not have hair fall problem and my hair actually loved the Delhi weather and was beautiful .. sigh .. to go back to the days without hair fall.

    But during my Kutch trip in the last week, I had horrendous hair fall .. I actually cried :( .. Now that I am back in Mumbai with its soft water, I hope hair fall goes back to normal (by normal, I still mean a lot of hairfall .. like I had told you before, I am on onion juice treatment and waiting and hoping for it to work).

    • says

      hehe..yup, a bit of change as well really affects hair!!! hope it becomes ok soon!!! btw, if you have really heavy hair fall, you should go to a doc. and, do try the fenugreek tip :)

  2. Anonymous says

    hey swati i used dove nurishing oil care shampoo but after reading your blog i used himalaya coz its sls n parabens free. now my hair dont feel as smooth n dey r becomin dry.what do i do??continue usin it or swith to prior one??

    • says

      hey…I never mentioned that himalaya shampoo are paraben or sls free!!! in fact, its not at all good for dry hair. himalaya doesn’t mention its ingredients list. change to sls free shampoos which actually mention their ingredient list, you can check natural mantra site to find sls free shampoos. i would also suggest organic surge which is available on urban touch or good life. they are also great for hair, i have heard. and, oil hair regularly.
      regd. dove nourishing oil, it makes hair dry actually in a longer run so if you want to switch back, its ok but i would suggest a good shampoo. also, remember, body shop and lush also are not sls free. and, use conditioner regularly :)

    • Anonymous says

      no i dint say dat u said himalaya is sls free.it is mentioned on d pack itself.on himalya anti-dandruff shampoo.

    • says

      oh…thank god, i thought by mistake i said that ๐Ÿ˜€ i donno if its actually sls free but yup its drying so avoid it. i would suggest the ones i mentioned above!!!

  3. says

    I have dandruff problem and my hair falls too. I have taken Minoxidil Solution as a doctor has prescribed me but that i think didnt work. My scalp is more visible day by day. It is about 2 or 3 years I am facing this problem. I have used shampoos like head and shoulders but I am not relieved. It is really stressful cause I am only 21 years old. Please tell me if you know any remedy for my dandruff problem and for increasing the density of my hair again ???
    I think I should tell you that I live in hostel too.
    You can refer any product but please that should work cause I have tried so many.(don’t care for cost)
    I really seek your help.

  4. Anonymous says

    hi thanks for your tips
    only one doubt
    do we use vinegar in water as final rinse or rinse with water after rinsing with vinegar?

  5. Sanjay Mishra says

    Hi Swati,
    I just shifted to Delhi to Pune ,When i was in delhi we used corporation water but in Pune due to bore well water i am loosing my hair a lot..i am feel helpless here ..and i feel water is look like little bit oily ..So could you please suggest which type of steps to prevent my hair loss.

  6. says

    Hi Swati,

    I have recently shifted from west delhi to south delhi and we all family members are facing huge hairfall and i dnt understand how to resolve it as we all 5 members are facing this issue . Please suggest what should i do as i have already lost half of my hair.

  7. Anonymous says

    Hey swati,

    I just shifted to Mumbai, and hair falls get started. m so tired of watching this all day. I use mustard oil masage every night and for hardness of water i use geaser water but after getting normal temperature for hair. And i donno why my hair stop responding, means its still falling aftr so much i did.. Kindly help.

  8. Yugesh says

    Hi.. I have hair fall last 3yrs . I m just.22 yrs old. I used borewell water for hair wash.is it affect. How can i stop hair fall

  9. Pavan Nanda says

    Hi Swathi,
    which soap is good for bathing in Hyderabad.
    water is too hard and which shampoo you recommend.

  10. Aishwarya says

    Hey, I shifted to Hyderabad recently and I have been facing terrible hairfall. It’s because of the hard water I suppose. Can you suggest me a good shampoo that can fight hard water?

  11. Mounika says

    HI swathi,

    I had recently shifted from Kukatpally to Madhapur. I am staying hostel which provides me hard water. I am facing a terrible hair fall past 3 weeks. Can you suggest me a shampoo and conditioner which can reduce my hair fall as well as that can fight with hard water??

  12. Mounika says

    HI swathi,

    I had recently shifted from Kukatpally to Madhapur. I am staying hostel which provides me hard water. I am facing a terrible hair fall past 3 weeks. Can you suggest me a shampoo and conditioner which can reduce my hair fall ??

  13. soumyajit jotder says

    HI , i hail from the city of kolkata. about 2 years back i was in Infosys Mysore,which has a water supply mostly from the cauvery River . The water was so harsh that i lost almost 1/3 of my hair . Hair fall was a common phenomenon.After that i shifted to bhubaneshwar,Odisha which also do not have good water as there is too much iron in the water. Now i am travelling to hyderabad,which i think most gets its water from the krishna River,which is a source of hard water. Please suggest me an area where there is adequate fresh and soft water available in Hyderabad.

    • says

      hi Soumyajit, I can not really answer your question coz I have no idea! You can instead use shower filters at wherever place you are staying. that will help.

  14. poonam says

    Mam plz give solutions for hairfall in hard water its not affecting me only but my 8yrs daughter badly. Which shampoo is best? Can it be treated by dermatologist?

  15. manasa says

    is it possible to fix water filters in hostel tap water . am planning to stay at hyderabad gachibowli area. which hostel is good for food and water. can you suggest. what to do to avoid hard water. can i use mineral water for head wash. is normal water filter to fitting a water tap can resolve the hard water problem. if it is home we can go for filter fitting as it it is hostel how to avoid hard water problem to avoid hair lose.

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