Do not slump your shoulders {Grooming}

So, ok, let me state one thing before starting. I am the last person you will ever find advising on how to carry yourself. So, these are just the things which I corrected in myself and do observe many of the well-dressed people lack. Unfortunate but its true, these small things make a strong impression.
Yup, this is one of the biggest things which I have noticed many gorgeously dressed women also make. If you slump your shoulders, it looks really sloppy. And, as much gorgeous you might be, it doesn’t really make an impression. Everything falls flat, in fact. 
This is even more important when getting clicked or sitting. Do not slump forward. Sit erect and when you are getting clicked, pull up your entire height and stand rigid. That also makes you look taller and more confident in the process. I did receive a query regarding how to look taller. 
This is one thing which you can do. Stand tall and keep the shoulders rigid. Have you ever noticed models or actors slouching? Even in the movies when they are sitting? That’s especially visible in Hollywood movies. Do make a point to observe sometime how they carry themselves.
So, do you have the habit of slouching your shoulders? Btw, it also carries a health impact. It makes the spine curved if you slouch and destroys your posture making you prone to back aches.


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      Haha..most of the times,being tall draws attention to us..whether we want it or not..subconsciously, to avoid that attention, we tend to slouch..meaning hide behind someone else..which is not possible..:-)
      I have the ‘tall’ genes..

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      oh my…ur so tall!!! I will feel like a dwarf with you ๐Ÿ˜€ i have noticed that taller people do slouch…probably its too make it easy for them to not bend a lot or something!!!

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      wow…you have really TALLLLLL genes ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I was 5’5″ …5’10” is way too much ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, tall generally gets lot of attention especially for girls!!! i have one girl living in my flat…she is also pretty tall…guess she must be around 5’8″!!

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    hey i still slouch and trust me i am tryin all ways to get rid of it like spl whn u were a saree it looks awful i feel so much to wear a saree and i cant bcz i hunch/rounded shoulder/ slouch and it does look sloppy

  2. Anonymous says

    slouching looks terrible… i used to do this when i was underweight… i am 5’7 but i slouched a lot.. to make me less noticable lol…. and used to look down and walk.. now i have realized its really horrible bad to you both to your body and self-esteem….

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