Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash {Product Review}

Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash at Perfect Skin Care for you

Price: Rs 99 for 80gms

leaves the skin little brighter after wash
doesn’t stretch the skin or make it dry, very rare occurrences even if it happens!!
is little gritty in texture so provides extremely mild exfoliation
doesn’t have SLS
no skin type is mentioned on the product but this is especially for only combination and oily skin!!
My Experience
The product is a pearly pink in color and a little thick in consistency. A little of the product goes a long way. It also cleanses the skin really well. In fact, I found this face wash to similar to that of Ponds and Dove face washes in every way. The ingredient list is also almost same having myristic acid as one of the top ingredients.

Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash at Perfect Skin Care for you
I do not like the fairness claims but it leaves a skin little brighter and a bit pinkish after the wash. It doesn’t dry the skin overtly but I do think it might not be suitable for dry skin. Regarding the oil control claims, I can’t make any observations because the climate has considerably cooled down and my skin gets oily only in high temperatures. 
Though, I should probably mention that even though its really sunny these days sometimes, my skin doesn’t get much oily, only sweaty. Oh, one thing is that the gritty texture of the product helps exfoliating. Its not a high-powered one but for daily use, its fine. So, yup, give a chance and then decide whether to stick to it or not.
PS: Product sent by brand. 
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