Clean and Clear Fairness Cream {Product Review}

Clean and Clear Fairness Cream at Perfect Skin Care for you
Price: Rs 120 for 40gms
controls oil admirably for entire day
leaves skin brighter and matte
gets absorbed really easily
doesn’t suit dry skin at all so stay away!! 
My Experience
The product is light pink in color and very thin in consistency and not at all heavy!! I would say this is a perfect cream for oily skin. Why? Because, it doesn’t let my skin get oily and yes, my skin feels a little stretched coz its actually dry combination and these days, my skin is not that oily. Had it been summers, it would have suited me perfectly.

Clean and Clear Fairness Cream at Perfect Skin Care for you

No, its not suitable for dry skin at all. Or, even if you spend a lot of time on AC, I would not suggest this for you. Regarding the fairness claims, I didn’t really find it do anything to my skin. But, yes, it probably did make my skin glow but I can’t be really sure. But, I did notice that my skin turns a little ashy when I apply more than two pea-size drops of products for my face and neck, one for each.
It does stand true to the claims of oil free so yes, when combined with its counter part face wash, its a perfect recipe to combat oily skin. It would have been great if the products had been launched during summers – quite a respite for oily skin types :) Regarding its sunscreen and UV filter claims, I prefer to use a separate sunscreen. 
PS: Product sent by brand.
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