A Day of my Lazy Life!!

I know that my not putting a face to the blog might be very irritating to many people and they might lose interest in reading the blog per se. After all, its been there years almost and uploading a snap is not exactly a big deal and neither am I a country secret!! But, I value my privacy and I am not exactly comfortable putting my snaps online.

Let me tell you a secret, ok, not exactly a secret. All my friends know that I stay away from social networking platforms! Yes, I have done orkutting when it was in vogue but never again did I really become a prolific twitterer (to give due credit to myself, I did try!) or updated my fb statuses. In fact, I had deleted my personal fb profile just months after I made it (I got bored among other things) and ever since I have remained away from it.

No, don’t think me to be a snob or looking down at people who love to network socially. Its just not my cup of tea. And, since I am not giving a face to the blog, I thought I would at least give a personality. That’s why I thought of sharing how a day in my life exactly is. You have been duly warned that the post is long and boring, really!! (I don’t even know if you really wanna read it)

8:00 – I try to wake by this time!! Yes, it kinda keeps on varying but more or less, 8 is the average on working days. The Dare of waking 15 minutes before has failed miserably and in fact, I am getting up 45 minutes late now ๐Ÿ˜€

till 9:30 – I take my own sweet time to get ready. I love long baths and leisure me-time after it. I had read somewhere (on some blog) that the skin care routine is like a meditation for that person, its not exactly true for me but its my little luxury, especially, on a day off. That’s why, I like to really spend on luxurious body oils. And, then, time for breakfast which also lasts like 20 minutes.  I like heavy breakfast.

10:00 – Rushing to office. Sometimes, I reach by this time, give or take 15-30 minutes. 

till 5:30 – whiling away my time to rush home (in this case, room)!! talk to parents couple of times, might attend some PR calls and some really boring meetings and bang my head against my desk! hehe…I do sound as if my work life is miserable ๐Ÿ˜€

5:30 – 6:00 – reach home, have tea and maggi (yes, its bad for health, absolutely, so I avoid to take it everyday), trying to search for healthier alternatives, currently contending with brown bread! The best part of my routine is the quick 20 minute walk from work to home. Yes, I like to stay close (sigh…little luxuries of my life) :)

6:00 – 8:00 – apply oil on head, remember the elaborate oiling routine! if a non-oiling day or I feel too tired, I directly jump into shower, get refreshed, sit on laptop, churn out a post or rather try to, check comments and reply to them!! if I get extra time, I try to look at mails but these days I am simply not able to so that’s the reason why you are not getting replies for your queries! 

8:00 – 9:00 – dinner time while watching TV. Nah, I don’t take an hour long dinner, its only 10 minutes but can be anytime between 8 and 9.

9:00 – 10:00 – if I have mood for walking, I go for walk otherwise I love to devour books. Sometimes, I do try to write few posts but I am trying not to keep my laptop open but for example today, I am writing this post at 11!!

11:00 – try to sleep if not hooked on to a book or not feeling sleepy. More or less, I do think my everyday is pretty lazy, don’t you??

So, that’s more or less my routine on weekdays and on weekends, you can imagine a bear lying on the bed with snacks in one hand and book or rather the KINDLE in the other ๐Ÿ˜€ And, I so hate to put up posts on weekends when I am in a book-binging mode! For those interested, I am right now reading Georgette Heyer and The Rozabal Line from Ashwin Sanghi and some nonsense like The Vampire Academy which I’ll probably end up not reading (yup, already given up trying, its BORING).

Btw, if you are thinking of buying Kindle, I would suggest Kindle 4.1.0. I am totally hooked to Kindle these days and I am so glad I got the normal Kindle and not the Fire coz its so easy on eyes just like books where as Fire is almost like an iPad with all the fancy things like touchpad and backlight and other things which are extremely harmful for eyes even if they look and sound really nice.
So, hope you enjoyed the post and for those awaiting my pic, I am sorry to disappoint you but I doubt if I am going to put it up in the near future.


  1. Pranali says

    i love these kinda- a day in a bloggers life, posts! and u hit it bang on when it comes to beauty sleep. 8+ hrs is great.

    there is always a curiosity about how the blogger looks when you enjoy reading the blog, but i agree with padmaja- if ur not comfortable with putting up ur pic, just don’t do it…

  2. Padmaja says

    Good Morning Swati ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nice to know your daily schedule :)

    It’s not about being a country secret…it’s how comfortable one is in showing oneself or revealing things about oneself on a medium like internet…when we admire someone’s work or just the person, we get curious to see the face behind the things or of the person we admire…but being on net is a personal choice …it should be left to the concerned person…. So, just chill :)

    • bebeautiful withpunam says

      hello swati , my inspiration,tho i know major part of ur routine , but loved reading it & i was nt bored:)
      & padmaja is right it should be a personal choice of a blogger & we njoi ur writting neways…that shows beauty f you & your thots

    • says

      hey Padmaja…thanks for the understanding :) and when I was writing the post…I was like who would want to know the routine??? that’s so lame!!! but, then, I was like lets give it a try and see what happens ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    god u have very tight schedule, i thought u stay away frm parents, so u have a maid who cooks food for u or just missed the part where u tell us u are good cook as well lolz and thnks for the reply on juice stuff i am gonna stick with the grapes, pomo and beet stuff as i like fruits

    sorry i dnt like spinach and btw thnks for informing me abt carrot thing i didnt knw tat part

    u have great knwledge and vocab do impart us some thr yr posts tc

    • says

      nah…my schedule is not tight at all!!! in fact in the office, i ave very less work so i sometimes while away my time looking at the comments and i don reply sometimes when there is no one around!
      nah, i don’t cook…i live in a PG so the food is provided by the owner only. i just have to take care of evening snacks!!!
      hehe…no one likes spinach. yesterday, we had boiled spinach and it was really bad even though i do like it.

  4. Roshni says

    Hey Swati, good to know your schedule and a bit envious that you can leave office everday at 5.30pm :)

    Regarding your photo, I know I have also asked to see your face. But I can understand your discomfort and am sure all your readers will understand if you dont put up a photo :)

  5. MuthuAzhagu says

    Hey Swati! i’m bit jealous to know that you are staying very close to your office! so that you can spend time for yourself. In my case travelling itself comes around 1.30 hrs :-( Your post tempts me to shift my home :-(

    • says

      hehe…yup I always try to take apartments near to office and schools…my parents inculcated that habit right form start…it leaves a lot of personal time and the money is worth the effort and energy saved!!

  6. says

    you have a relatively healthy schedule!! i am jealous, haha!

    My job is 10-7 PM but I usually leave around 8:30 and I work during Sundays/Saturdays because I have too much workload. It’s great that you can afford to relax and do some walking.

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