Yay..my hair style stayed for an entire 5 hours!!!

I had mentioned long back that my hair is very ill-behaved and I am especially horrible in keeping hair styles for more than half hour. But, today for the first time, my hair really stayed in one hair style so that makes me soooooo happy :) No, it wasn’t any intricate style. It was a simple side pony and my bangs were secured with pins so that they don’t fly off in the auto!!! Still, it happened and then while watching the movie, my hair did get a bit spoiled due to rubbing with the seat back. Yes, I often sleep off in the halls ๐Ÿ˜€ No, I didn’t sleep but I was irritated!!! But, my hair did get weighed down by the end of the day :( Gotta do something about that. Any ideas??? 
On a side note, if you are wondering which movie got me irritated, it was Heroine. Aaarghhh…I could kill MB for making such a movie and for the especially lame ending. May be it was befitting but I would have rather preferred a more ironic ending!!! First glitch was that all bits and pieces were borrowed from various movies and real life scandals and then woven into a script which was all broken and inconsistent. Second, the protagonist is weak, completely without a shred of backbone and determination, keeps on crying in the entire movie and not taking a strong footing at any point of time which is pretty irritating. Yes, I can imagine what she was going through but unfortunately, you can hardly feel as if you are involved in her story coz its too fantastic. Its not realistic at all like Page 3 or something which actually makes someone expect a lot from the movie. So, lets just say that watch it when it gets released on the television but definitely not worth wasting money to watch on big screen. The best part of the movie was Randeep Hooda who did a fantastic job (it can be called a guest appearance). Except for that, I guess the movie was loosely hanging. I often felt like it would break into the Mar Jawaan track from Fashion. Yes, its too close to fashion but the later was much better.
Did you watch it yet? Do share your views on the movie. And, of course, the hair style tips too :)


  1. Pranali says

    i anyway watch movies when they come on tv! am sure heroine will be aired on tv in less than 2 months rather diwali time!

    • says

      for sure, Pranu…coz these days anyways new movies are being aired on tv pretty soon. so, really doesn’t make sense in watching them on big screen unless they are so amazing that you can’t miss it.

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