What happens when you do not use Sunscreen? {Sunscreen}

This post is specially for people who have not yet adapted this routine thinking it to be just a frivolous stuff. Well, may be it was and that was the doubt which made me do this little experiment. I forgo-ed sunscreen for almost two weeks and now I am putting up these findings.

I have been using sunscreen more or less regularly since a year. And, I apply sunscreen only once in a day. But, I do apply a good amount of it for proper protection. And, yes, I do go out in the peak time of 10 AM – 4 PM as well. So, lets get on the with my findings.
My arms are back to whatever state they were tanned prior to my use of sunscreen. Interestingly, I observed the tanning only after a couple of days without sunscreen. The first day I didn’t apply sunscreen, my skin was looking more or less the same. 
Talking about the face and neck, yes, they are also tanned. Not as much as my arms coz I did use sunscreen on and off. And, I am using a lightening oil as well at night to combat this tanning but still I know that my complexion has grown darker. 
So, now that I know that sunscreen is extremely important to preserve my skin complexion, I would try not to skip it. And, this is my first advise to everyone who love their skin. Oh! Btw, please remember that the benefits of using sunscreen are apparent only if you use the proper amount and after around a month of use. That’s when you will see changed in your skin, be it color or texture. 
So, what do you think? Do you find yourself getting tanned whenever you skip sunscreen? 

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  1. Pranali says

    sunscreen is hard to slap on the face esp neutrogena (cos of its consistency). i also wonder, if we do put abt half teaspoon of it on the face,then how will the makeup sit properly??? i somewhat believe that sunscreen and makeup can’t be used together..

    • says

      you are Pranali…even i don’t think make up can be used with sunscreen. even i don’t apply half tea spoon…i try to use a finger length for face and another finger length for neck…it does get greasy!!! so, i keep it on the face for 15-20 minutes and then i use a tissue paper to absorb the entire left over product!!! that way, it helps a bit. then, you can follow with makeup.

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