Using laptop and mobiles during Pregnancy {Pregnancy}

What are we pregnant women not warned against – drinking, smoking, eating, stress? And now, add to the list, its mobile and laptops. All electronic devices and gadgets produce heat and radiation which are harmful for us but, imagining a life without mobiles and laptops is kind of difficult today. But, unfortunately, laptops produce intense heat that is harmful for all of us and especially for pregnant women. 

Do’s & Dont’s
Pregnant women should not keep laptops on their laps or stomach.
If you are working on laptop or desktops, take more breaks and relax your body more often.
Blink your eyes more often to stay away from strain.
Try to use the best comfortable position for your body and neck.
Minimize your use of cell phone and get shifted to old tring tring :)
Don’t keep your cell phones near your bed.
If you have a bad habit of keeping your laptop on your lap (yes, I know its meant to be that), then avoid it. Doing it a lot can lead to toasted skin syndrome, an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure. You can also see some dark skin coloration on your thighs. I know its difficult to do but if you are pregnant, try to use laptops and mobiles a little less. You will be troubled not only from the heat produced but also, hunching on laptops can lead to muscular pain, back and neck ache. 
Similarly, mobile phones are even more harmful than laptops for pregnant women. My hubby hated when I used to talk on phone during my pregnancy. He always asked me to use the landline instead. Well, when I googled about the harms of mobile for pregnant women then I was shocked!! Research says women using mobile phone often are more at risk of giving birth to a baby with behavioural problems. Using a mobile two to three times a day is also enough to raise emotional and hyperactive problems.

And, this advise can as well be taken by everyone coz laptops and mobile phones are equally harmful for one and all. How long do you stay glued to your laptops and mobiles? I, for one, am not a mobile person but I do stay glued to my laptop :(

Thanks for such a great post Punam :) And, hope you all find this helpful. Btw, I would like to tell you all about Punam’s blog as well – be beautiful with Punam.

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  1. Padmaja says

    Such a nice and informative post Punam! :)
    I think, even after child birth, it’s better to keep away these things from the baby for sometime like couple of years…but these days these things have become toys of play…parents need to take care of this…

  2. bebeautiful withpunam says

    @padmaja : thanks padmaja.yes you are absolutely right ,laptops & cell phones should be kept away from kids , & really its difficult but i try to use laptop when my baby is not here or she is sleeping coz she always want to use it.its more harmful for her than us coz they are more delicate & in developing stage.

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