Wedding Photographer – Tarun Chawla {Bridal Files}

So, one of my friend’s sister is getting married in November and she had enquired for the famous photographer, Tarun Chawla. I guess he hails from Delhi. He is a candid photographer.

Photographs are so special and remain all your life. So, I guess it makes more sense to spend on it rather than jewelery or clothes. Well, that’s me!!! 

Hope this helps you all soon-to-be brides and congratulations :)


    • says

      hi, well, did i really convey that??? sorry but I didn’t really mean that. I just meant this is an option and wanted to share the cost of this renowned photographer for those interested. and, what my views on why I prefer memories to jewellery and other stuff which elders generally like!!!
      and, to answer your question, everyone deserves it and its all in mind more than in albums and hard disks or wallpapers :)

    • Anonymous says

      well swati u didnt mean it at all. Let me tell you something. The reason I am writing as anonymous is dat I am ashamed of that I cannot afford mr photographer here or anyone like him. I approached him once thinking that I will impress my GF with such a pre wedding portfolio but then I realized its just the rich guys and gals who can afford it. Its not wrong of him to charge it so high but then it makes me wonder that do ordinary people dont have dreams of a dream wedding. Maybe not in the world of Tarun Chawlas or any one of his price range.

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      kinda sad to read this.

      See people spend lacs of food and then on bridal lehanga which is to be work just once. Then thousands spent on fireworks and decor.

      Invite me to your wedding, if I feel you dont belong to rich family and u haven’t spent much at wedding and having a really simple affair, then would charge less than 5% of whats written in this blog :)

      When someone books a candid photographer, they venue his services.

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      that’s very sweet of you to read this comment and respond on it, Tarun :)
      and, answering the anonymous comment, I really don’t know how to reply to it because yes, everyone dreams of such things but not everyone can have everything and that’s a hard truth of life. the only thing i can say is that be happy that you both are together and nothing is more important than that. there are many people who don’t have that luxury either no matter how much money they have.

    • Smriti says

      As far as I know, I think he charges around 65K for a wedding day’s shoot and 40K for the couple pre-wedding shoot. He does only contemporary style photography. Rest, you can email him if you want exact details :)

    • says

      hey Smriti…thanks so much for this info..i did tell my friend about this guy as well and will be putting up his details after i get details from her :) and, thank you so much for telling about him. my friend also totally loved his snaps :)

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