Spinach Banana Health Drink {Health Recipe}

the ingredients mentioned makes half a drink-sized glass

So, this is a long pending post. I had prepared this when I was at home in June. I won’t say it was damn awesome or something but yes, it was definitely not bad. Let’s check out the ingredients first. And, then, talk about it.

  • 10 spinach leaves
  • 1/2 banana
  • water (just a bit)
Method: Blend them in a mixer. That’s it!!
Taste: Ok, I am sure not everyone would like it coz it has that raw leaf taste of the spinach. But, I don’t mind that raw taste so I totally loved it. But, mom said that spinach leaves are first blanched and then made into the smoothie so shall give that variation a try. You can try it out as well :)
Have you ever tried any such drink?
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