Soul Tree Travel Size Samples Preview

Before starting the post, I would like to state that this is just a preview post as I know many of you are waiting to hear my views on the Soul Tree shampoo. Also, these are only sample sizes which I have tried out so I am not doing a full review. So, let’s start :)

Soul Tree Indian Rose with Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel

I totally liked it. It smells really nice in sort of a natural way. I don’t think I really felt any cooling but it didn’t leave my skin stretched or dry. The sample was small so I could get only 4-5 uses out of it. My dad also tried it once and said it was ok. Worth trying out!!
Soul Tree Triphala with Conditioning Henna Hair Repair Shampoo
I have a full size product of this so a detailed review will come sometime in first or second week of October. But, for now, I would say that it does leave the hair soft and shiny and doesn’t let it frizz much. But, I think this shampoo is for oily or normal hair and not for dry. 
Soul Tree Licorice, Shikakai & Bhringraj with nourishing Coconut oil Shampoo
This I thought would be more suitable for dry hair. But, otherwise, pretty much the same. 
Now, a small point on both shampoos which I am not yet clear of – the triphala one didn’t remove oil at all when I used it for the first time but the trick I found out eventually is that leave the shampoo on for 2 minutes and it cleanses really well. Since they do not have SLS/SLES, the product probably takes a little time to cleanse the oil (totally my theory!!). So, if you are a beauty who loves to oil her hair regularly, make sure you keep the shampoo on the hair for 2-3 minutes before washing off. And, don’t worry, that doesn’t dry out the hair at all :) 
Rest of the details, you can ask in the comments section and I shall definitely try to put more detail and experience in my detailed review. This post has been put up only because I have finished up all the samples.


    • says

      hey Pranali…this is their ingredient list:
      Aqua, Coco glucoside, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Glyceryloleate, Emblicaofficinalis (Aamla) fruit*, Terminaliachebulica (Bibhitaki) fruit*, TerminaliaBelerica (Haritaki) fruit*, Hydrolysed Wheat protein, Sidacordifolia (Bala) root*, Lawsoniainermis (Henna) leaves*, Acacia concinna (Shikakai) fruit*, Glycyrrhizaglabra (Licorice) root*, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Parfum**, Xanthan gum, Meliaazadirachta oil, Oryza sativa oil, Citric acid, Geraniol**
      *From Certified Organic Farms
      **From Essential Oils

  1. Divya says

    Will wait for a detailed review…
    I have very dry ends, and since these sound so mild.. I would love to try them. but shall wait for your verdict :)

  2. vishal@soultree says

    Hi Swati,

    First of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment on your blog. I was keen to talk about SoulTree SLS free shampoos.We do acknowledge that the oil does not get washed off in the first time.SoulTree shampoos have balanced cleansing as they are SLS/SLES free which is a strong detergent.SLS not only washes off the oil one has applied but also the natural oils, thus weakening & drying the hair. Secondly SoulTree shampoos have lower pH which is close to the pH of our skin. Conventional shampoos have higher pH which gives more cleansing but is not good for the scalp.So we are doing a tightrope walk between cleansing the hair and maintaining hair & scalp health. Apart from the goodness of Organic herbs we use, I think this is the reason most of our customers are reporting reduced or almost nil hair loss.

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