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So, how was the Ganesh visarjan?? Oh, did I share my cute little eco-friendly Ganesh ji with you? Check him out ๐Ÿ˜€ Ganesh Visarjan has a very special place in my life and I totally love this day. In fact, in Hyderabad, it always rains without fail on the final day of immersion. Even today, it rained a bit and the weather was just awesome!!

And, yes, I am extra happy today. As I said, this is a special day for me and somehow all things just fell in good places today so my day was absolutely gorgeous. Oh btw, I did a bit of shopping – a book “The Legend of Amrapali” (haha, no cosmetics)!! I bought the book from Crossword and then I went to Gloria jeans and ordered a Cafe Mocha and curled up into one of the sofas and I was lost from this universe. Yup, I totally love reading and once I pick up a book, I generally lose all my contact with the present world.

Btw, did any one of you check out the Cadbury Gems Ganeshji in Hypercity, Hyderabad? I was missing my camera so badly then but as they say, “Eyes are the best camera“. And, yup, reverting back to the title of the post – did you check out the movie? One of my friends went for it and she said its way better than the one I watched or wasted time on last week. Wish I had opted for this instead of that!!! Its a comic movie and really paisa vasool type.

So, what you doing this weekend? And, what did you do today?

Update: Heard another good review of the movie!!


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