Nivea Whitening, Cell Repair & UV Protect Body Lotion {Product Review}

Price: Rs 225 for 950ml

gets absorbed really quickly into the skin
keeps skin hydrated and moisturized for a long time 
very thin in consistency and you don’t require much
has UVA protection

doesn’t have UVB protection
I am not sure about the whitening claims
can’t be applied at night coz of UV filters in the product

My Experience
To start with, the consistency of the product is really thin so it gets absorbed very easily but do not underestimate its moisturizing or rather the hydrating properties of the product. It keeps the skin in a great supple condition for almost 6-8 hours and that’s the max I have used this product because I remove it in the evening.

I had read somewhere (in someone’s review, don’t remember which!!) that it helps curb tanning but I don’t think I really saw anything like that. The product boasts of 40X Vitamin C but I really didn’t see it do anything extraordinary. I think the reason may also lie in the fact that I used it only while going out and not at night or otherwise.
I think it would have been better if the product did not have UV filters so that it can be used at anytime and probably might show some effect on tanning.I totally don’t like the whitening claims and regarding UV claims, I always prefer to use sunscreen. I tend to stay away from products which say they moisturize as well as protect. So, I used to layer this upon the sunscreen.
Overall, I am not really sure about the product so I guess they should launch the same in a variation which doesn’t have sunscreen. Have you used the product? How did you like it?
PS: Product sent by brand.
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  1. Anonymous says

    There is wide range if Nivea body lotions if u r looking for something to use at night also or without UV filters.. This is basically made for those who want body lotions with UV filters..

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