Love Thy Self {Beauty Philosophy}

This is a new series I am starting for the benefit of everyone including myself. I have never really written about the philosophy involved in beauty, the societal rules and how it affects a person on a mental level. So, let’s start with the first lesson. Most of it might be repetitive so forgive me in case you get bored!! 
Love your Skin
There is a psychological clock in our body which affects it in numerous ways and always gives reactions which are least desired. Well, do you remember the Newtonian law of everything has equal and opposite reaction? No, don’t worry, I am not starting science classes but actually this law holds in real life as well and not only on objects. 
If you are obsessed about your weight, you find yourself constantly increasing. If you keep complaining about hair, you will find it breaking. If you simply hate your skin, it will keep on sagging. And, if you hate yourself, your vibrations or aura is automatically negatively charged. So, love yourself for whatever you are!!
Here, I should probably mention about a mail from one of the readers to whom I have not yet replied even after promising and yes, you can totally hate me for that!! I am so sorry if you are reading it. And, her grudge was that she wanted to kill herself because of her skin issues. 
Ok, granted that she might have exaggerated a bit but its true that a less than perfect self (forming unrealistic expectations) does affect us or our minds and souls in a strange way and that can go deep down. So, if you really care for my opinion, please chuck all such negativity out of your system coz nothing good has come out of it and draw inspiration from people who are worse off than you and are still happy. 
I do that and yes, it does inspire me as well to live better because struggles are a part and parcel of life and skin and hair issues can be considered least of anyone’s worries if you really consider the real life problems which people actually go through. So, chill out and look at the bigger picture. Not obsessing on any issue does give a clearer outlook and helps dealing with the problem in a better way.  
What do you think?


    • says

      thanks Shruti…yup, this was the article :)
      oh my gosh…i had already thought that this was long enough but I think I will make a regular weekly series of it so don’t worry, I will surely try to make it more interesting :)

  1. Pranali says

    i so believe that the newton law holds good with our body too.. negativity has never got anyone only worsens the it is best to make peace with it and then work towards how u can resolve the issues..

  2. casey23 says

    You should definitely stop thinking that this is boring. Even though this is something that mostly all of us know, sometimes we need to hear it again and again, in case we forget it during the course of life. So thank you for the reminder. It never bored me. Waiting for articles like these as well!!

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