How to take care of your feet? {Five Series}

Second post in the series, I thought I would write about feet because I have never touched on the topic before in the last 3 years almost!!

Wear Socks when going out
Yes, that’s my formula to protect my feet from sun, rain, wind and what not!!! I always wear socks when out unless, of course, I am dressing up! 
Salt Foot Baths
Second high on my list are the foot baths. If you haven’t yet given a warm foot bath try, you are really missing on one of the divine pleasures of life. Try adding salt to relax the tired feet or add essential oils or body oils for a great-smelling feet.
Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize!!
That’s the next. Always keep them moisturized. If at night, you sleep with body oils applied on your feet, the better. It keeps the heels from cracking and looking ugly. Even when you are heading out or going to wear socks, moisturize first. 
Hygiene is the Word
Yes, socks, dust, pollution, heels, all play havoc on your feet. So, keep your feet clean at all times. Make sure to put your feet inside shoes or socks only when dry. You can use body powders or foot powders to keep the sweat away from the feet. 

When you are back home, first act should be to free the feet from your shoes and socks and wash them, preferably in warm water and mild soap. Dry them in a soft towel. Yes, go for these little luxuries. They make you feel good :) And, get some cute fluffy bunny bedroom slippers.

The most important thing for your feet. Keep heels reserved for occasions and go for flats in daily life. These days, there are countless and amazingly chic alternatives – be it flip flops, floaters, ballerinas and I don’t know other names 😀 For me, its always floaters and shoes most of the times and with two left feet, I can never carry heels anyways so wedges it is!!!

How do you take care of your feet?

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    • says

      thanks Vini…whoa, that’s a serious post!! one thing is to use lemon juice on the nails…that helps get rid of stains and makes the nails whiter!!! lemme do some research and get back with a post on it :)

  1. says

    I feel like I’ve taken care of my feet very little, but I want to change that. I like the sound of having salt foot baths, as well as adding essential oils to the water. I don’t really moisturize much either, but I’ll work on doing better with that. I feel a lot better informed about how to properly take care of my feet now, thank you for this advice!

  2. Bélise says

    It’s easy to forget about proper foot care but it’s important to ensure that our feet stay healthy. We do rely on them quite a bit after all. Thank you for this information regarding taking care of your feet. I had never thought to give my feet salt baths and to apply essential oils to the bottoms of my feet. I’ll definitely try that!

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