How much help are my reviews to you?

So, in view of the third anniversary coming soon (in December), I want some feedback about the blog from you all. Time just flew!! Join in and comment. You can rant or rave on my reviews and tell me how to improve them to help you more. So the stage is all yours and lemme know what ever is in your mind!! I’m waiting :)


  1. Divine Blush says

    swati ..ur blog is amazing.. i can proudly say that i have read all ur post.. I have spent a whole saturday ..a blog is a one which should force the readers to read more.. perfect skin care is such a type of blog..

    I love your honesty towards the PR products..

    Love to read more..

  2. aman says

    hi ,
    swati ,i luv ur blog and follow each and every tip and diy given by you .
    thnx for all urs mail replies and very nice pocket frendly suggestions.
    thnx .

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi.. ur blog is very special… because there is a lot of practical everyday tips and tricks that you dont see anywhere else..and i love that you review all herbal stuff…n no cramming of lipstick, blush,eyeshadow reviews… which become really boring after some time.. we will read it elsewhere.. lol.. dont change your blog at all..

  4. casey23 says

    Oh yes definitely!!!! Please please keep on tipping I have a journal about your posts/tips, and there are lots of things I haven’t tried but definitely will do sometime!!

  5. Pranali says

    congrats on ur soon to be third blog bday.
    i owe so much to this blog! learnt so many things here- right from how to correctly make green tea to info on safe sunscreen ingredients, use of eo’s, handmade soaps & lush caca’ fav has to be ur monthy hair dairy. what i also like is ur interaction with people who mail/comment on the posts.u reply to every comment and that shows how much u care about ur readers…

    • says

      thanks a lot Pranali…haha, yes, the green tea thing was really important ๐Ÿ˜€
      in fact, this comment makes me feel guilty coz i have so manyyyyyyy queries pending in my mail box and i haven’t replied to them yet :(
      btw, i do remember the question you put up about ginger EO being toxic…i shall surely write about that!!!

  6. says

    First of all, dear swati, all the very best for your
    blog’s third anniversary.
    Second of all, all the posts, all the tips are simply
    excellent ‘coz they are all herbal and harmless. i know
    a lot of thinking and hard work goes into this swati. it takes only a minute to comment. i want you know that i really
    appreciate your hard work and patience.

  7. Roshni says

    Happy Anniversary Swati!!! I came across your blog only in Jun 2012 and have read most of the entries here. They are very helpful and please continue the good work :) .. since I have almost read your whole blog, these days I come everyday to check whether you have put up anything new. So please keep reviewing, and writing, and providing natural and home made tips.

    • says

      thanks a lot, Roshni but the anniv is due in December :) and, thank you so much for spending so much of time on my blog :) do keep commenting and criticizing the work as well. you will find a lot of difference in the posts in the start of the blog and now. in fact, i have to refute my own theories ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Padmaja says

    hey….your reviews are quite helpful to me Swati for the simple reason they are honest! I must admit, I don’t read every review(I skip reviews of products which don’t interest me)…but I read most of the reviews…and all the stuff about natural things and health and not to leave about sunscreen ;)…I knew about the product Varnya through your blog…that’s something I came across only on your blog…I may or may not go for it,but it’s an interesting product to even know…

    And I believe there are lot many readers who have benifited from your posts…

    Just keep up the good work!
    and Huppy B’day to your blog in advance! :)
    Where is the party ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      haha…sure, I will try to throw an online party ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, Varnya is amazing. haha…even I don’t read all reviews on any other blog so its ok…oh btw, you should definitely contribute to the pregnancy posts which Punam is writing these days :)

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