How many times do you avoid sun at noon? {Your Opinion}

This has been my issue since quite long. So, I thought I would pose this question to you all. How easy or difficult do you think is avoiding sun at the peak time in the noons? For me, its always the noons when I can get my works done or find time to go out for shopping or anything!!! Especially, when on a vacation, you are always out in the noons. So, how do you exactly avoid the sun in the peak time of 10-4? 

For me, I do put on a lot of sunscreen which gives me protection and use umbrella and scarf both to avoid the sun. But, sometimes, its just not possible!! Anyway, reapplication of sunscreen is very important when you tend to stay out so please bear that in mind. Also, its very important to follow with an after-sun treatment so as to control some of the damage done to the skin. But, it is advisable to avoid sun at the peak time at any cost. 
So, what do you say?


  1. Anonymous says

    what happened to my question is it deleted? :(
    I asked about Jovees suncreen review, are they good.
    Can u check n suggest.

  2. Preeti Vishwanath says

    In my case its the opposite, the sun avoids me! 😉 I work from 8-6:00 and my office cafeteria is on the floor above me. So I never see the harsh sun except on weekends. N then I enjoy it after applying my sunscreen. :)

    • says

      haha…that’s good in a way :) but, somehow I do feel very constrained when i don’t see sun and am trapped in a single building all day long!! btw, how do you really manage going to work at 8??? 😮

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