How are Rich Feel products? {Your Opinion}

So, have you heard of the brand? Apparently, it is a herbal brand and as far as I can recall, I do think I have heard of the brand but can’t recall. So, I want to ask you if you have heard any reviews of the brand or used them? Please do put in your views. 
The reason I am asking is coz I pampered myself with a hair growth hair spa today. And, they used the rich feel products. They were supposed to use L’Oreal professional but suddenly changed it to this one. I am skeptical about herbal products, no doubt!!! So, would love to hear your views :)


  1. Pranali says

    i am their patient so have tried their hair products only. i do see alot of skin products displayed in their clinic also! but am sticking to just the essential hair stuff from richfeel.

    • Pranali says

      i buy what i need from their clinic only cos i go there twice a month for treatment.from the stuff i have tried, i have only repurchased their brahmi hair pack (i use it like the way u used the musk root pack) n the saw palmetto hair tonic (it is for thinning hair).

    • Pranali says

      my hair fall is way less and i do see some new baby hairs.i can’t say whether the products have helped on their own cos i am also taking oral medication from brahmi jar just has the key ingredients mentioned- brahmi and amla extracts.but i find it pricey. 500gms 700 bucks!

    • says

      oh so how do you like their products??? I am not sure I really liked the spa!!! where are the products available?? I wanted to check out their ingredients list and all. you go to their clinic???

    • says

      hmmm…yes, i did see their brahmi hair pack which had decent ingredient list but the parlor girl was to letting me even look at the products!!! that was so irritating in fact. this saw palmetto thing is looking interesting coz saw palmetto is a age old remedy for hair loss and growth but its not that easily available in India. so, how much has it improved your hair???

    • says

      hmmm…but, that day, i saw it was for 505 rupees??? and, they mentioned entire ingredient list as far as i remember!!! coz it had some chemical names as well. may be its been long since you have bought it and they might have changed the packaging in between???

  2. nimi says

    I am also thinking of buying their Brahmi pack.. i sawa few good reviews of that.. also good reviews for the rose gel and fruit gel i think… lots of salons use their stuff…It is a brand started by trichologists and then later they branched onto skin care also.
    I wd also be looking forward for the answers..
    Did you like the hairspa.. how was the experience.

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