Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases in Women? {Women Stuff}

Today is World’s Heart Day. So, I am borrowing this article from The Hindu Magazine, September 23, 2012. They had published a small article on how to take care of the heart. I shall try not to infringe on the copyright and am again asserting that this post may end up being a copy of the article. So, the entire credit for the post goes to the Hindu newspaper.

Symptoms of CVD in women

feeling of discomfort between breasts or behind breastbone
pain radiating over arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach
shortness of breath, weakness or fatigue
unusual anxiety or nervousness
indigestion or nausea 
sudden sweating, dizziness and collapse

Cardiovascular diseases are getting more prominent in women. Its no longer a man’s disease!!!Its especially dangerous if you smoke, drink or lead a sedentary life or have high blood pressure or sugar or cholesterol levels or are under huge amount of stress due to personal and professional problems.
In fact, even children are at risk from the condition called Cogenital Heart Defect. The improper development of heart during the pregnancy can result in this. Mothers who do not take care of themselves or their diet during pregnancy have a high risk of having children with this defect. Also, if you are a diabetic, your child is prone to heart-related problems.

How to Prevent?
Be physically active!!! Walk or exercise daily.
Avoid salt, sugar and fatty foods. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 
Maintain a healthy weight.  
Quit smoking and avoid respiratory irritants. 
Limit or stop alcohol. 
If you have lung problem, get influenza vaccination annually. 

The reason for these heart diseases are mainly the fatty deposits on the walls of the arteries. Interestingly, these deposits may occur on both the inner walls as well as the outer walls. And, in fact, there is absolutely no cure to remove the deposits on the Outer walls of the arteries so that makes weight management and diet a very important consideration in life.
If the arteries are blocked even partially due to these deposits, the blood flow is not smooth to the heart and heart may fall short of adequate oxygen and other nutrients needed to function properly. When this blockage gets severe, it can result in heart attack. Women of 50-52 are at more risk and especially if there has been a family history of coronary diseases.

So, how do you take care of your heart?

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